Adaptive Listening™

Give yourself, your team, and your organization memorable and actionable techniques to cultivate better listening skills and transform the workday.


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Adaptive Listening™

You know listening matters. But do you have techniques to help you listen the right way at the right time? That’s the power of Adaptive Listening™.

Adaptive Listening™ has the power to improve relationships and the bottom line.

  • On an individual level, Adaptive Listening™ can increase your ability to influence direct reports, colleagues, leaders, and customers

  • Adaptive Listening™ can help teams foster trust and build empathetic connections

  • At the organizational level, Adaptive Listening™ can improve psychological safety, employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention

  • Adaptive Listening™ can also improve communication barriers, thereby boosting productivity and increasing revenue

Transform the way you work

Adaptive Listening™ is for those wanting to improve the way they, and their teams, communicate up, down, across, internally, and externally. Through engaging stories and practical techniques, the authors introduce a new model for listening – one that teaches readers how to process and respond in a way that meets the speaker’s goals during an interaction.

Researched and tested exclusively in the work setting, Adaptive Listening™ helps readers up-level the under-trained side of communication in a way that moves beyond active listening. Whether listening to direct reports, peers, managers, customers, or stakeholders, both emerging and established leaders will build more awareness about their own listening style and the impact it has on workplace culture. Adaptive Listening™ includes effective and easy-to-remember techniques that reduce ambiguity and tension amidst the realities of a hectic workday.

Adaptive Listening™ includes four listening styles and four listening goals. These styles and goals map to each other: Support, Advance, Immerse, and Discern and form the acronym S.A.I.D because, as a listener, you’ll be listening to what’s said (and even what’s not said).

What’s your S.A.I.D. Listening Style™?

Take our S.A.I.D. Listening Style Finder™ to help you uncover the style you most often use when listening!


Meet the authors

Maegan Stephens

Senior Director, Communication Services

Nicole Lowenbraun

Content Director, Executive Speaker Coach

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