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Communication can be likened to a radio signal, therefore it is important to make sure:

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Too much jargon, filler words, and distracting visual language might create what type of noise?

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When will the audience form their first opinions about their presenter?

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First impressions don’t have to be earth shattering, dramatic, or gimmicky. Just reveal your character, motivations, abilities, and vulnerabilities.

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Feel free to use very specialized vocabulary in a presentation. Even if the audience doesn’t understand they will know you are extremely knowledgeable and respect you more.

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How will the value of your idea be judged?

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Don’t worry about including every single detail; 
trim your presentation down to the essential and 
right information

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When an audience is looking at slides, they tend to:

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The goal of any presentation is to avoid simply projecting a document that could stand alone and to use slides as a backdrop to the presenter’s speaking.

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Never let anyone see the presentation before the actual day, as it will reduce the impact. You should 
rely only on your own criticism and ideas.