Uncover the secret to persuasive presentations

Have you ever wondered what separates the best presentations you’ve seen from their mediocre, forgettable counterparts? It turns out that persuasive presentations all share an underlying structure, and if you learn to master it, your presentations will grab and keep your audience’s attention.

Built on the principles in Nancy Duarte’s bestselling book, Resonate, and delivered through our interactive, participatory, virtual learning environment, this workshop will teach you to understand your audience better and construct powerful, effective presentations for them.


  • Four 90-minute sessions of live, virtual instruction
  • Breakout sessions for attendee interaction and peer reactions
  • Interaction through Zoom functionality (including polls, chat responses, annotations)

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  • Learn to develop a rich audience profile for each presentation you create
  • Discover the underlying structure of persuasive presentations
  • Strengthen your story through effective turning points
  • Build emotional appeal throughout your narrative
  • Practice rapid brainstorming techniques

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What Learners Think

I wish I had taken this workshop years ago! The content of this workshop will help me build skills to help me grow as a marketer, facilitator, and communicator.
Dan Luna Data Stewardship & Enablement Manager, Edward Jones

Course Curriculum

Establish Context
  • Use empathy with Audience Analysis
  • Compose a Big Idea™
  • Analyze your audience Move From/Move To™ so you know exactly how you want them to transform
  • Find common ground with your audience
Generate Content
  • Generate ideas using divergent thinking
  • Recognize contrast with a Sparkline, showing what is and what could be
  • Organize your content into key messages
Construct A Story
  • Identify the structure of a story and how to use it
  • Apply the Persuasive Presentation Form™
Connect to the Audience
  • Use the right balance of emotional and analytical content
  • Practice integrating emotional texture into a presentation
  • Describe a S.T.A.R. Moment™ – Something They’ll Always Remember

Learn From our Experience

All of our workshops are rooted in The Duarte Method™ and in everything we’ve learned in over 30 years in the presentation business, working with thousands of clients. We’ve figured out what works and left the rest behind. Register now and learn how to bring your ideas to life!

Help Your Entire Team Learn

Contact us to inquire about our new virtual workshops. Each workshop will be delivered via the Zoom web conferencing platform. By using all the features of Zoom meetings to their fullest, we have created a highly interactive, everybody-contributes learning experience purpose-built to hold the interest of an online audience and help make learning stick.​

Our new virtual workshops are the perfect way to train your team, especially when in-person training is not an option.