Resonate® Virtual Workshop

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Master persuasive presentation structure

Reshape the way you develop content using story structure and audience empathy to inspire action.

What You’ll Learn in Resonate

What You’ll Learn in Resonate
  • Distill and communicate complex ideas with clarity
  • Craft content with the story structure used by the greatest communicators in history
  • Analyze your audience Move From/Move To™ so you know exactly how you want them to transform
  • Transform your audience from feeling and thinking one way to feeling and thinking in a new way

Who Benefits From Resonate?

Who Benefits From Resonate? Who Benefits From Resonate?

Built on the principles in Nancy Duarte’s bestselling book, Resonate, and delivered through our interactive, participatory, virtual learning environment, this workshop will teach you to understand your audience better and construct powerful, effective presentations for them.

This virtual workshop will reshape the way you develop content, using story structure and audience empathy. It’s not about building presentations—it’s about building persuasive presentations.

Analyze your audience and deliver them value, even when they resist

Craft content with the story structure used by the greatest communicators in history

Distill and communicate complex ideas with clarity

Clarify the core of your idea and construct content that supports it

Transform your audience from feeling and thinking one way to feeling and thinking in a new way

Resonate Virtual Workshop NEW Quotes

What Learners Say

“This session should be required for anyone who has to present anything. I was able to workshop a current presentation and make vast improvements to it. I will use the concepts I learned immediately.”

Molly D., Webex Loyalty & Adoption Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.

“This is a class that will totally shift your mindset of making speeches and presenting a demonstration. You will learn tricks and techniques that stay connected with audience and drive their interests.”

C. M. Peng, Software Product Engineer

“Resonate sparked my imagination and gave me the tools to weave storytelling into any aspect of my professional communications. I left the workshop feeling inspired about sharing my ideas and vision in a way that’s powerful and authentically ‘me’.”

Melissa M., Managing Director

“Duarte has perfected the art of understanding what connects us and makes us all human. This workshop is a must for any person or organization that wants to make an impact.”

Lori S., Attorney

“What’s great about the Resonate workshop is that you can apply the format and material to *any* conversation. Whether it be a presentation, meeting to bring on an advisor, or even a marketing meeting. It’s versatile and applicable across the board.”

Molly B., CEO

The Duarte Resonate workshop is a great way to re-think your presentation brainstorming and overall creation process. You may think you don’t have a way to connect your own stories to your presentation, but by the end you’ll find that the emotions we all have can be used in any number of presentations.”

Tesa C., Internal Communications Specialist

The Virtual Resonate Experience

You’ll stay engaged and entertained during this two-day live virtual workshop. You’ll do solo work, group work, and even collaborate in breakout rooms with other professionals. The learning doesn’t stop when the workshop is over. Through four-weeks of post-workshop learning emails you’ll get the practice you need to cement your new skills.

Teaching + Demos

Learn the foundational skills of persuasive presenting from your expert facilitator

Virtual Interaction

Engage with interactive functionality including polls, chats, and annotations

Individual Activities

Analyze your audience, generate content, apply the storm form, and more


Enjoy visuals & interactive exercises, plus a 5-week follow-up learning journey with videos, quizzes, and practice exercises

Group Activities

Get feedback and share ideas with small group and partner activities

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