Slide Design® Online Course

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Learn to transform the way you work in slide design software

Discover the theory behind great presentation design, then gain the skills to make it happen.

What You’ll Learn in Slide Design

What You’ll Learn in Slide Design
  • Apply design theory fundamentals
  • Efficiently execute design techniques
  • Work quickly and efficiently

Who Benefits From Slide Design?

Who Benefits From Slide Design? Who Benefits From Slide Design?

Learn our proven method for slide design, plus PowerPoint tips and tricks to make professional-looking slides quickly and efficiently.

Register now and learn from the world’s best presentation designers, and transform the way you work in PowerPoint.

Bring polish and professionalism to your presentations by leveraging design principles

Work faster and save time using hidden tricks and features

Improve visual communication by designing slides that direct the audience’s attention

Reduce the stress and frustration that comes from combining existing decks, or starting from scratch
Slide Design Online Course Quotes

What Learners Say

“I have been using PowerPoint for years and did not expect to learn much but there are some really good technical tips on using PowerPoint. Combined with great principles on how to put your content together this is a great class, everyone who builds presentations should have this as a required class.”

Slide Design Online Course Learner

“Very helpful for slide design. Liked the exercises and the ability to practice along the way. Also, loved that the sections were short and easily digestible.”

Slide Design Online Course Learner

“The course delivers great knowledge! The points are easy to understand and to follow. For an absolute beginner like me this is absolutely helpful. I am so happy that I invested in this course!”

Slide Design Online Course Learner

“You helped me discover lots of features I didn’t even now were there! I liked the pace, the practice file, and the high-level overview.”

Slide Design Online Course Learner

“This was very helpful. As someone who thought they were a Super User of PowerPoint, I learned some new tricks. I applaud the team for providing some new tricks and tools that I can apply every day.”

Slide Design Online Course Learner

The Slide Design Online Experience

Through 23 easy-to-reference video modules, quizzes, and interactive content we’ll guide you through the online course as you access it with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll get hands-on practice exercises and accompanying files.

Group 1959@2x

90-minute course

Group 1980@2x
Teaching + Demos

23 Easy-to-reference video modules

Group 1986@2x

Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning

Group 1994@2x

Searchable reference guide for post-workshop learning


Access anytime, anywhere for a full year

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