Write, visualize, and deliver your next great talk

If you want to level up your presentation skills you’ll need to tell compelling stories, visually amplify your ideas, and deliver a memorable talk.

In our Presentation Principles course, you can improve all those skills by watching a series of engaging three-minute micro-learning videos.

This six-hour course, based on the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, is hosted by our CEO (and presentation guru), Nancy Duarte.

Each short video is packed with the actionable knowledge you need to apply an audience-centric lens to the message, design, and delivery of your presentation. So sign up now and get ready to deliver your next great talk.

Course Details

  • 6-hour course 
  • 63 easy-to-reference video modules
  • Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning
  • Downloadable PDF worksheets
  • Access anytime, anywhere (computer, smartphone, tablet) for a full year

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Benefits for You and Your Team

  • Cultivate audience empathy with your message and delivery
  • Achieve maximum impact with story-driven messaging structures
  • Discover best practices for clear visual communication
  • Create more memorable and persuasive presentations by turning your words into visuals
  • Practice remote and in-person presentation delivery techniques
  • Capture attention and rally executive support for your ideas

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What Learners Think

I can't get enough of your training. I feel ready to take on new challenges in design thinking. Thank you!
Isabel Lopez
Excellent, once again. No previous course I have attended has had this level of comprehension and education on media and use of slides.
Martin Josephs
Super, well done for creating this elegant fluff proof course. As a Trainer and Instructional designer myself I know some of what you had to go through and more importantly, cool content you had to leave out to create this masterpiece.
David Brown

Course Curriculum

  • Audience – Part 1
  • Present to Senior Executives
  • Audience – Part 2
  • Big Idea
  • Leverage Resistance and Contrast
  • Select and Organize Ideas
  • Analytical vs. Emotional
  • Jargon and Sound Bites
  • Storytelling Principles
  • Presentation Story Form
  • Adding Texture
  • Conclusion
  • Introduction
  • Slide Software
  • Presentation Length
  • Leverage Your Stage
  • Designer Thinking
  • Slide Types
  • Storyboarding
  • Slide Arrangement
  • Displaying Data
  • Diagrams
  • Right Number of Slides
  • Animation
  • Conclusion
  • Rehearsing
  • Venue and Technology
  • Stage Fright
  • Be Authentic
  • Body Language
  • Interpreters
  • Q&A
  • Remote Presenting
  • Social Media
  • Conclusion

Meet Your Instructors

Nancy Duarte
Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte is a communication expert who has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, and on CNN. Her firm, Duarte, Inc., is the global leader behind some of the most influential visual messages in business and culture. As a persuasion expert, she cracked the code for effectively incorporating story patterns into business communications. She’s written five best-selling books, four of which have won awards.

Learn from our experience.

The Presentation Principles online course is based on The HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations and our 30 years of experience in the presentation business. After working with thousands of clients, we’ve figured out what works and left the rest behind. Register now and learn how to engage your audience with a compelling story, clear visuals, and confident delivery.

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Help Your Entire Team Learn

Did you know that in addition to onsite communication skills workshops for your team, Duarte also sells bulk licenses to our online courses? We can help you help your employees build the soft-skills they need to succeed. Contact us to discuss bulk pricing and all your learning needs.