Presentation Principles Online Course

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Learn to write, visualize, and deliver your next great talk

Acquire the skills needed to transform your presentations, from anywhere, in our flagship online course taught by Nancy Duarte.

What You’ll Learn in Presentation Principles

What You’ll Learn in Presentation Principles
  • Tell compelling stories
  • Amplify ideas visually
  • Enhance delivery

Who Benefits From Presentation Principles?

Who Benefits From Presentation Principles? Who Benefits From Presentation Principles?

To influence your colleagues and customers, you’ve got to conceive, design, and deliver a presentation that really makes an impact.

In the Presentation Principles online course you’ll discover the art of crafting memorable messages and creating powerful visuals will help you win over the toughest crowds and show people why your ideas matter to them.

Discover the best practices for visually displaying messages

Be dynamic, comfortable, and empathetic on stage, or from anywhere

Understand the context of your communication and work within a story framework

Transform your audience from feeling and thinking one way to feeling and thinking in a new way

Presentation Principles Online Course Quotes

What Learners Say

“The information was delivered expertly–I was able to pause and process as needed. The notes section was perfect. In real-time, I did these exercises for a project I’m working on and it was very thought provoking.”

Presentation Principles Online Course Learner

“Again. Priceless. Best tool of communication that I had in my life.”

Presentation Principles Online Course Learner

“This course thoughtfully engages the learner in the crafting of strong presentations. By using digestible sound bites and visuals, it is easy to retain the key points.”

Presentation Principles Online Course Learner

“The information was broken up into manageable pieces, and was effectively reinforced with short quizzes to help retain the content.”

Presentation Principles Online Course Learner

The Presentation Principles Online Experience

Through 63 easy-to-reference video modules, quizzes, and interactive content we’ll guide you through the online course. You’ll get hands-on practice exercises and accompanying files that you can access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone anytime for a full year.

Group 1959@2x

6-hour course

Group 1980@2x
Teaching + Demos

63 Easy-to-reference video modules

Group 1986@2x

Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning

Group 1994@2x

Downloadable PDF worksheets


Access anytime, anywhere for a full year

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