Presentation Principles

Based on the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations

If you can’t make it to a workshop in person, this robust ecourse based on Nancy’s HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations is packed with quick tips on presenting. It covers the presentation creation process of message, visuals, and delivery. This online course gives you simple, bite-sized (3-minute) overviews of concepts that add up to a solid 4 hours! So when you have patches of time to spare, learn directly from our very own CEO (and presentation guru), Nancy Duarte. Learn the skills needed to transform your presentations, from anywhere.

How to be Persuasive

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Tell Compelling Stories

Storytelling focuses on the audience, message, and story. You’ll learn how to approach developing presentations, beginning with understanding the context of your communication and working within a story framework. You’ll learn to create audience empathy and emotional appeal, arrange messages for greater impact, and strengthen their structure with story attributes and S.T.A.R. moments.

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Amplify Ideas Visually

Visualizing focuses on slide design. You’ll discover the best practices for visually displaying messages, including editing down to one idea per slide, avoiding visual clichés, arranging slide elements for clear communication, and turning words into diagrams in order to create more memorable and persuasive presentations and stronger calls-to-action.

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Be Dynamic, Comfortable, and Empathetic on Stage

Presenting focuses on presentation delivery and impact. You'll practice techniques for preparing your presentations including best practices for remote presenting and managing social media as well as a post-presentation action plan.

Who Takes This Ecourse?

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Sales & Marketing

To influence your colleagues and customers, you’ve got to conceive of, design, and deliver a presentation that really makes an impact. This on-demand, presentation principles ecourse touches on all the skills you need, and it’s there when you need a refresher.

Insights, Analytics, Finance

To communicate your complex ideas to other people, you’ll need to be as clear as possible. You’ll learn how to display your data, edit it down to one idea per slide, and arrange slide elements to create memorable and persuasive presentations.

Individual Contributors

If you write, design, and deliver persuasive presentations and you want to take your skills to the next level, this easy-to-use ecourse is a handy reference. Quickly brush up on the skills you’ve already learned, or learn something new.

What You’ll Get

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You’ll learn to:

  • Organize a coherent narrative that drives your presentation
  • Create original visuals that express your ideas
  • Create strong calls-to-action that get people to act
  • Connect with and engage your audience
  • Show people why your ideas matter to them
  • Strike the right tone, in any situation
  • Improve your delivery and presentation
  • Present remotely


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Research-Based Learning

We based our ecourse on our best-selling books and on our experience working with thousands of clients over 30 years in the presentation business. Sign up for our presentation principles ecourse and learn how to stand out.

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Questions & Answers

What you can expect from the ecourse

Do I have to take the entire ecourse at once?
No way! Start and stop as you please—we’ve broken it down into bite-sized lessons.
Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?
We do! Please contact us to discuss your team’s needs and find out more about our special offers.
How will I know that I really learned something?
Well, it’s up to you, but we’ll keep you honest with short quizzes that’ll show how you’re doing.
Can I watch this anytime?
You’ve got a full-year to take this class. Take it twice, if you please.
Can I use my iPad?
Yes, absolutely.
Presentation Principles is one of the best training courses I have ever taken in my 30-year career. I completed it and then talked my organization into having my whole team sign-up for the training. I’ve told many about it as it’s just so good! This course has really changed the way I thought about communicating and presenting information.”
Allegra Huxtable Sr. Project Coordinator, Information Integration Project Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

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