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Customized Presentation Training

Every company is unique, so we apply our expertise to your specific business training needs. Whether we’re teaching you to apply our methodology to your organization or developing materials with your content, we’ll keep your learners interested and make sure they know their stuff. Read on to see how others have customized our services. But don’t let it limit you; we’re up for anything.

Adapt Our

Take a look at our workshops, and then tell us what works best for you. We can lengthen or shorten our corporate presentation training, or even apply an industry-specific lens when teaching your team. That means we’ll swap out examples, use your slides, and consider your team’s challenges to create uniquely designed corporate training experiences.

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Bring In
A Speaker

Our speakers can inspire your team by offering our insight into the power of presentations, storytelling, visualization, or other topics covered in our books or workshops. We love sharing the principles behind compelling, powerful, and persuasive presentations.

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Turn Content
Into Courses

Let us apply our training expertise to develop custom curriculum based on your most important content. We’ve done it for companies, authors, and thought leaders who have an established body of work they’d like to turn into a class. We’ll help you create courses that people enjoy, so your thought leadership can be both educational and inspirational. From instructional design to presentation development to job aids, we create a complete learning experience that will spread your most important ideas and make them stick.

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Ms. Duarte’s advice helped [Mark Matson] communicate more persuasively with clients, and he credited her with helping him bring in $700 million in new money last year.”
New York Times

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We can work with you to design a custom training workshop that meets your needs, or help you select an existing workshop that’s right for you.

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