When you’re presenting virtually, it can be hard to feel connected to your audience. When you are the virtual audience, you may find it more challenging to stay focused with all the digital distraction.

This virtual workshop helps you engage your audience and come across as comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic. It also provides best practices for setting up your virtual environment and technology.



  • Two 90-minute interactive sessions of live, virtual instruction
  • Breakout sessions for attendee delivery practice and peer reactions
  • Interaction through Zoom functionality (including polls, chat responses, annotations)

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  • Come across as Comfortable, Dynamic, and Empathetic in virtual communication environments
  • Improve your video and audio virtual presenting setup to keep audience focus
  • Understand how to set—and hold to—rules of interaction with attendees and audience members
  • Practicing communicating in a virtual environment and improve through peer critique and encouragement
  • Become aware of what distracts attendees—so you can fight those distractions
  • Learn by watching your trained Duarte facilitator model effective virtual teaching

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Course Curriculum

  • Understanding the good, bad, and ugly of communicating virtually
  • Envisioning what you want an attendee to say at the end of a virtual meeting/presentation
  • Seeing things from an audience or attendee’s perspective
Set-Up and Tech
  • Creating a visual environment that focuses attendees and removes distractions
  • Improving audio quality through set-up and tech
  • Gauging how your set-up stacks up to your peers
  • Taking up space to communicate comfort and confidence
  • Using your voice to ensure clarity and attention
  • Practicing presenting to communicate comfort
  • Using vocal underlining to highlight key points
  • Moving your hands to show what you’re saying
  • Taking advantage of tech tools to add interaction
  • Practice presenting to communicate dynamism
  • Fighting distractions by focusing on audience needs
  • Making eye contact in a virtual environment
  • Chunking up content to make it easier for audiences to digest
  • Using facial expressions to undergird what you’re saying
  • Practicing presenting to communicate empathy
  • Handling “crickets” (lack of interaction)
  • Handling constant interruptions and distractions
  • Giving audiences an interaction outlet
  • Creating a “derailment plan”

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