When you’re presenting virtually, it can be hard to get—and hold—an audience’s attention. Digital distractions, virtual meeting fatigue, and technical issues keep listeners from receiving the message you’re communicating.

This virtual workshop teaches you the foundational set-up techniques, mindset shifts, and presentation skills necessary to make your message clear, your delivery engaging, and your audience participative and interactive—even in a virtual environment. You’ll learn the secrets of a great virtual video and audio set-up; tips for making slides optimized for virtual presenting; means of coming across as comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic; and techniques for leading a virtual presentation or meeting—even when it feels like it’s being derailed.


  • Two 95-minute live, interactive, virtual instruction sessions
  • Breakout groups for attendee delivery practice, peer reactions, and discussion
  • Interaction through Zoom functionality (including polls and chat responses)

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  • Set up video and audio technology and design slides so nothing stands between your audience and your message
  • Be seen as a Comfortable, Dynamic, and Empathetic presenter even in a virtual environment
  • Decide “rules of interaction,” communicate them well, handle interruptions effectively, and ensure your primary points come through loud and clear
  • Practice communicating in a virtual environment and improve through peer critique and encouragement
  • Learn by watching your trained Duarte facilitator model effective and engaging virtual teaching

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Course Curriculum

  • Discovering audience engagement challenges in a virtual environment
  • Keeping your key message, your goal for that message, and what’s at stake top of mind while presenting virtually
  • Creating a smart video set-up—including camera positioning, lighting, and background
  • Ensuring your audio allows your voice to be clearly heard
  • Creating slides ready and readable for a virtual environment
  • Coming across as a comfortable, confident speaker in terms of posture and voice
  • Underlining key points with vocal variety and strategic hand movements
  • Evidencing empathy by making eye contact and breaking up content
  • Deciding what level of participation you want for your virtual presentation or meeting
  • Communicating that level of participation and how participates are meant to engage
  • Directing the meeting or presentation to your desired ends—even through interruptions, derailments, and low participation

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