Diary Video

Photo Field Trip | Contrast

We like photography. We also like fun, and Saturdays, and San Francisco, and sunshine. And we really like each other. Recently we went on a Photo Field Trip, and had the chance to enjoy all of these things, simultaneously. I know.

Our assignment: Take photos of contrast. Or take photos of whatever you want. Joe went rogue (typical) and took video. Then he compiled the footage with our photographs to make this. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed ourselves that day. Aaand pretty much all the time.


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  • What a fun field trip!  Makes me think I too can be a tad bit creative to find visuals all around me.  

  • Eric


  • Scott Hodin

    That was really cool!  Great vid and the group captured some nice shots.  Wish I could’ve been there!

  • Nicely done!

  • Anonymous

    Terrific photographs…
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  • Nice!

    I GETIT!


  • Luis F.

    Very nice!  Some great shots and video of my ‘hood.  What camera / lens / digital treatment did you use?

    • Joe

      Hi Luis! Thanks for the compliments! 

      I used our Panasonic Lumix GH2 with the 14-140 and the 7-14 Lumix Lenses. For the color treatment and titles, I used After Effects.