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Commuting With Moths

Given my hour-long commute, my iPod is constantly loaded with audio books and podcasts, and I’ve learned over time (and at great personal risk) which ones have the power to engage and which have the power to put me to sleep.

I was among the first subscribers to the TEDtalks podcast, for instance, and I eagerly devoured the weekly releases. I’ve since thrown in my lot with the folks at audible, and have greatly enjoyed a few great selections.

I’ve found a new love.

It’s called “The Moth,” and it fills my commute with laughter and inspiration and seems to make time flow more smoothly.

The premise is simple. The tagline to every podcast reads, “True stories, told on stage, without notes.”

So, despite the humor and the sheer awesomeness of each story, you also get a fantastic lesson in presentation delivery. These folks are giving presentations the hard way. Naked. No slides. No cue cards. No prepared speech. Just a microphone and an audience. (And they do it very, very well.)

So let these stories be an inspiration for your next presentation. And hang that tagline in your cubicle:

True stories, told on stage, without notes.

Doug Neff


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