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5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Every one of us wants to communicate better. Whether we’re presenting in a virtual environment, participating in a team meeting, or just talking with a friend, spouse, or stranger—we all want what we’re saying to be delivered well. “Delivering well” means you’re saying what you want to say in a way that lands just right […] continue reading

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How to Successfully Navigate Virtual Events

Snack carts filled with ice cream bars and doughy soft pretzels. Open-bar happy hours with signature cocktails. Mainstage keynotes, big name entertainment, live music, and—if you’re lucky—fireworks! Companies pull out all the stops to create event experiences that are energetic, engaging, and most of all memorable. But if this blog post was a soundtrack, then […] continue reading

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10 Ways That Improving Your Public Speaking Will Help Your Career

You can find trends reports and predictions from LinkedIn, Google, and even Mark Cuban that will tell you that “hard skills” will only get you so far in your career. But it’s “soft skills” like critical thinking, empathy, collaboration, and communication that organizations want in their new hires and leaders — and you’ll need them […] continue reading

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