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The Right Story at the Right Time: Motivate Your Team when They’re In a Slump

It’s an all-too-common scenario: you’re looking at your numbers, and you’ve finally realized that your team just isn’t performing well. Marketing leads are down, sales numbers are off, and customer satisfaction scores are flagging, too. This time, it’s not just a fluke or a blip caused by some outside factor that you can’t control. You’ve […] continue reading


How Experts Can Help a General Audience Understand Their Ideas

When you’re presenting to people in your field, it’s OK to use specialized terms and acronyms, because they’ll be comprehended quickly. But for everyone else, you need to take a different approach. Communication methods that would impress your peers may ostracize a broader audience — and reduce the chances your ideas will be adopted.

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Duarte Halloween Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who voted! The results of the Pumpkin Contest are in. 1st Place: Poopkin Training 2nd Place: Minion 3rd Place: Jack-o-saurus 4th Place: S’morkin 5th Place: Turduck-kin And we had some amazing costumes, too!   Doppelgängers were a hit this year. Thanks to everyone who participated, by carving, dressing up, voting, or reading […] continue reading

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