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Crafting Content for Virtual Communication: Keep it Short and Interesting

You’ve been on the audience end of virtual gatherings for the past couple months. So, when it’s your turn to lead one, you know what you’re up against…  Between kids, pets, back-to-back virtual meetings, email inboxes, Tiger King, and copious amounts of quarantine snacks—it’s no wonder everyone is feeling distracted.   According to Forbes, more than 80% of American employees have reported feeling significantly more distracted since they started working from home. Yikes.   […] continue reading

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Get More From Your Virtual Platform: Confessions of an Accidental Platform Expert

For the foreseeable future, our working lives will require quite a bit of communication through virtual platforms: conference calls, video meetings, weekly webinars, and team chats. Way before the Zoom fatigue set in, most of us were accustomed to virtual meetings and remote presentations that have felt…mediocre at best. Even as the remote workforce has […] continue reading

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Cut Through the Noise: How to Design Slides for Virtual Presentations

Before you start pushing pixels on your next slide, take a moment to put on your design thinking cap. Design thinking isn’t just knowing how a design program works, or what colors look nice next to each other. You’re actively design thinking⁠—even in your non-design jobs⁠—when you’re thinking about how a user might be using […] continue reading

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Delivering Dynamic Virtual Presentations: How to Stand out in the Crowd

These days, we’re all inundated with virtual presenters. It seems every week we’re sitting through more and more virtual presentations. Think of how many you’ve sat through in the last month. Every one of those presenters wants to communicate something important. ​They’re hoping to get results from that presentation in one way or another. In […] continue reading

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