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Why Should I Tell a Story?

Why Should I Tell a Story

Business communication gurus have been touting the importance of using story to influence listeners for years. Because of this, most communicators understand the value of telling a story in a customer conversation, a team meeting, a one-on-one, or a keynote. But what’s so great about telling a story? Instead of answering this question from a […] continue reading

Delivery Message Presentations Storytelling

5 Reasons Why Your Story Falls Flat

Five Reasons Why Stories Fall Flat

For years, communicators have been told about the importance of telling a story in a professional or business setting. They know stories leave a greater impact on listeners than facts alone, persuade audiences toward action, and help keep listeners engaged. But many communicators are hesitant to heed this advice. Why? Mostly because they’ve heard others […] continue reading

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Your Top 6 Storytelling Questions (Answered by an Expert Storyteller)

Your Top 6 Storytelling Questions

In our recent webinar, “Persuading Your Audience Through Story” with Duarte content developers and speaker coaches Jeff Davenport and Doug Neff, we received great audience questions about the art of storytelling. Following, Jeff answers six of the most asked questions we weren’t able to answer live. How do you introduce stories seamlessly into presentations? Do […] continue reading

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