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How to Influence Through Story

Story is a powerful and persuasive communication device that can move people to dream big dreams, embrace big ideas, and accomplish big things, like transitioning to a new normal.  Stories simultaneously engage our senses and trigger thoughts, memories, and emotions. They engage us, so we’re more likely to remember what we’ve heard.  The power of story transcends the individual listener. When we share stories together, the minds between the storyteller […] continue reading

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Get More From Your Virtual Platform: Confessions of an Accidental Platform Expert

For the foreseeable future, our working lives will require quite a bit of communication through virtual platforms: conference calls, video meetings, weekly webinars, and team chats. Way before the Zoom fatigue set in, most of us were accustomed to virtual meetings and remote presentations that have felt…mediocre at best. Even as the remote workforce has […] continue reading

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Tips to Make the Most of Your Virtual Communication Experience

Going Virtual? Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your Virtual Communication Experience Cover

As the global workforce transforms amidst our new virtual reality, Duarte is working hard to help our clients prepare for the future of online work, learning, and communication. While many business professionals have been communicating virtually for years, our teachers, medical workers, and other professionals may find themselves in brand new territory. We’ve coached thousands […] continue reading

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