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3 Ways to Inspire Others with Data Stories 

Data helps organizations gain valuable insights into customers, employees, products and markets, but there is a limit to what databases and charts can do on their own. Answers to organizational problems or opportunities don’t just organically spring from algorithms—they need communicators to translate the information into compelling stories. It is data stories that ultimately bring […] continue reading

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3 Ways to Effectively Communicate to Different Types of Decision-Makers

When preparing to communicate data to a specific type of decision-maker, you need to think through who will be involved in its approval and tailor your approach to appeal to each of them. Consider carefully what different audiences need to hear, and how they want to hear it. Whenever your audience changes, so should the […] continue reading

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3 Types of Decisions Made from Data

3 Types of Decisions Made from Data

Data drives decision-making across every industry. Should we hire another salesperson? You check the data. Should we change global freight carriers? You check the data. Should we acquire another software company? You sure as h*ll better check the data. Understanding data is no longer novel in organizations, it’s expected. A range of decisions from tactical […] continue reading

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