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Four Storytelling Techniques to Bring Your Data to Life

Four Storytelling Techniques to Bring Your Data to Life

The adage that “our world runs on data” means that decisions are being based on vast amounts of statistics. Data-derived insights drive what time trains stop running, when Starbucks introduces holiday cups, and the temperature of the building you might be sitting in right now. Even though most corporate roles now work with data, it’s […] continue reading

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The Top Soft Skills Employees Need Right Now

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The top three soft skills needed right now are: adaptability, communication, and collaboration. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, good communication increased connections, reduced uncertainty, improved safety, and opened the door to opportunities—serving as a powerful, and mandatory, tool for individuals, teams, and organizations. This is likely partially why, in a 2020 study conducted amongst Learning & […] continue reading

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