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Preferred Ways to Communicate Effectively at Work

Preferred Ways to Communicate Effectively at Work

Have you ever played a game of telephone? The concept is simple. Yet, it’s notoriously difficult to win. Someone starts by whispering a word or phrase in someone’s ear. That person whispers the same word or phrase into another person’s ear. And on it goes until you arrive at the last person who then reveals […] continue reading

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3 Top Reasons to Create a Power Skills Training Plan

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If I were to tell you the future success of your company hinges on your employees’ ability to communicate, you may think that’s a bit simplistic. After all, it takes many different roles and skillsets to make your company work. What about accounting? Or IT? Or operations? That line of thinking is understandable. For years, […] continue reading

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3 Lessons Learned From the Return to Hybrid Presenting

Hybrid Presenting

You can call it a comeback—we’ve been here already. Long before closets became home offices and kitchen tables doubled as desks, we had hybrid work environments. Maybe a small portion of your team was remote. Maybe your event brought some customers and clients onsite while others attended via live stream. Maybe an employee felt too […] continue reading

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