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Techniques for Using Critique Language for More Powerful and Effective Presentations

Techniques for Using Critique Language for More Powerful and Effective Presentations

Designing visual presentations can be tough for those who are not visually or artistically inclined, or for presenters who are simply not well-versed in slide design technology. However, pairing your talk with a well-designed visual accompaniment, like a PowerPoint presentation, can mean the difference between a piece of communication that moves an audience and succeeds […] continue reading

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How to Create a Presentation Using Free Stock Photos

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Ideally, every presenter would have a photographer on-hand to call whenever they need to create a new presentation. This would afford them access to beautiful, one-of-a-kind photos that match up exactly with the message in their deck. Unfortunately, most professionals aren’t lucky enough to have a photographer at their disposal, and many must turn to […] continue reading

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4 Principles To Live By When You Design Presentations

Principles of slide design

Today, more than ever, presentations hold the world’s most critical messages. Whether you’re presenting a groundbreaking technology, a new business idea, or raising awareness of a social issue, if the design isn’t carefully thought through, your message could get lost. To make sure that your message resonates with listeners, follow these four basic presentation design […] continue reading

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Presentations on a Plane

We’ve all sat through it a million times. Most of us outright ignore it. We tune it out, turn on our iPod, and start perusing the aisles of the Sky Mall. Some people even spark up conversations while it’s happening. Can you imagine a presentation less engaging than the airplane safety announcement? The audience members […] continue reading