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The Corporate Folklorist’s Credo

Storytelling is key to a strong brand and culture — if it’s done right. Having a corporate folklorist on staff helps to convey an organization’s purpose and values through stories and artifacts. But since it’s a relatively new function, it could use a credo to inform and inspire good work. Physicians have the Hippocratic Oath, […] continue reading

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ATD Virtual Conference Story Q&A with Patti Sanchez and Nancy Duarte

Patti Sanchez
Patti Sanchez
ATD Virtual Conference
ATD Virtual Conference
Nancy Duarte
Nancy Duarte

During the 2020 Association for Talent Development (ATD) Virtual Conference, Patti Sanchez and Nancy Duarte gave a keynote titled, “Influence Through Story.” They spoke about the power of story and how you can use it to increase your influence and impact. You can read the blog post summary of the keynote here. The chat room […] continue reading

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How to Influence Through Story

Story is a powerful and persuasive communication device that can move people to dream big dreams, embrace big ideas, and accomplish big things, like transitioning to a new normal.  Stories simultaneously engage our senses and trigger thoughts, memories, and emotions. They engage us, so we’re more likely to remember what we’ve heard.  The power of story transcends the individual listener. When we share stories together, the minds between the storyteller […] continue reading

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The Communication Guide For Leaders Who Aren’t Sure What’s Coming Next

Here’s an uncomfortable truth: Leaders don’t always know what changes are around the corner. Good or bad, change breeds uncertainty, and uncertainty can breed fear—especially when it will affect employees, whose jobs hang in the balance, and customers, who depend on a product or service. Instead of communicating openly with both groups, leaders tend to […] continue reading

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