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Communicating Change in Turbulent Times [Illuminate Q&A with Patti Sanchez]

QA Webinar

We are experiencing unprecedented levels of change as professionals and as humans—more so now than ever. This disruptive change is dramatically affecting the way we work, communicate, and lead. It’s time for leaders of all kinds to step up their communication. To help them navigate through a constantly changing landscape, people crave communication from their […] continue reading

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The Corporate Folklorist’s Credo


Storytelling is key to a strong brand and culture — if it’s done right. Having a corporate folklorist on staff helps to convey an organization’s purpose and values through stories and artifacts. But since it’s a relatively new function, it could use a credo to inform and inspire good work. Physicians have the Hippocratic Oath, […] continue reading

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ATD Virtual Conference Story Q&A with Patti Sanchez and Nancy Duarte

Patti Sanchez
Patti Sanchez
ATD Virtual Conference
ATD Virtual Conference
Nancy Duarte
Nancy Duarte

During the 2020 Association for Talent Development (ATD) Virtual Conference, Patti Sanchez and Nancy Duarte gave a keynote titled, “Influence Through Story.” They spoke about the power of story and how you can use it to increase your influence and impact. You can read the blog post summary of the keynote here. The chat room […] continue reading

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