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Four Storytelling Techniques to Bring Your Data to Life

Four Storytelling Techniques to Bring Your Data to Life

The adage that “our world runs on data” means that decisions are being based on vast amounts of statistics. Data-derived insights drive what time trains stop running, when Starbucks introduces holiday cups, and the temperature of the building you might be sitting in right now. Even though most corporate roles now work with data, it’s […] continue reading

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5 Ways to Motivate Your Team With Empathy and Authority


A crisis pressure-tests leadership and culture. Many new values are formed under the strain, and employees gain new perspectives on their organization and its leadership. Communication is the key to keeping them motivated and productive in a season of enormous distraction. The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t my first financial crisis. No matter how well you run […] continue reading

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Good Leadership Is About Communicating “Why”

Good Leadership Is About Communicating Why

In an ongoing crisis, clear communication is more important and more difficult than when things seem normal. Employees and customers are hungry for information, so we’re tempted to pull together presentations and communicate with urgency instead of with careful planning. At my company, we rework thousands of talks each year for large brands and high-powered […] continue reading


How to Get (and Keep) Others Committed to Change

Committed to Change

To accomplish any big goal, leaders can’t just dictate a new strategy. They need to get a lot of people to say “yes” to it. And many leaders make the common mistake of assuming commitment will be easy to get—and keep. Here’s why it seldom works out that way, and what to do about it. […] continue reading

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