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Bob and Finn’s 2014 Comic-Con Adventure

Bob and Finn from Duarte.com/edy traveled to San Diego to get the inside scoop on story, heroes and Batman’s kilt. They met lots of fun people, hijacked a Sesame Street panel, and even made it onto the local news! Visit https://www.duarte.com/edy to follow Bob and Finn and their puppet friends, or follow them on Twitter @BobandFinn (they might […] continue reading

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Duarte.com/edy Episode 7: Color Theory

Colors evoke emotions, so while talking about color theory can seem complex (there are certainly many ways to organize, classify and coordinate colors), in reality, it really just comes down to how we react to what we see.  So don’t be afraid of investigating color theory. The answers are probably more straightforward than you might think. […] continue reading

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Duarte.com/edy Episode 5: Bullet Proof

Hard at work on his latest presentation, Bob learns that bullets may not always be the best way to get his points across to his audience (or Finn).  Enjoy! Chat with Bob and Finn on Twitter (@BobandFinn) and see more episodes at Duarte.com/edy.

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