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Bob and Finn Go to Comic-Con

Bob and Finn, our duarte.com/edy ambassadors, traveled to San Diego to experience the sights, sounds, and super-fandom of Comic-Con 2013. While there, they got a chance to ask some hard-hitting questions, attend a panel or two, and get some free swag. Here is a video they made to recap their experience! Visit www.duarte.com/edy to follow the adventures of […] continue reading

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Duarte.com/edy Episode 4: Complementary Colors

When choosing colors for your presentation, always make sure they work well together—a friendly message from your puppet friends at Duarte.com/edy. In other exciting puppet news, Bob and Finn are down in San Diego for Comic-Con!  Follow their adventures on Twitter (@BobandFinn), Facebook and Instagram, as they roam the halls in search of the truth about story, heroes and […] continue reading

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Resonate in 19 More Countries!

The incredibly immersive digital version of Resonate has been making its way into more iTunes and iBooks stories around the world. We’re happy to announce that it’s available in 19 more countries, everywhere from Argentina to Venezuela. Check the list below to see if it has become available in your country. And if it’s not, […] continue reading

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Nelson Mandela and the Words that Fueled a Movement

It’s the rare communicator that can move an entire nation to toward significant social change. But it’s even more exceptional for that communicator’s message to sustain through a 27-year imprisonment. But Nelson Mandela accomplished just that. Perhaps the best and most well known example of Mandela’s message are the remarks he made during his 1964 […] continue reading