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Lights, Camera, Inaction: The Onion’s Take on TED

Compelling speakers. Powerful visuals. A captive audience. And remarkably stupid ideas. This is the premise of “Talks,” a two-month-old video series from the comic geniuses at The Onion. “Talks” pokes fun at all of the pageantry of presentation events like PopTech, TED, and TechCrunch—with the speakers, the audience, and the format itself all getting their due. […] continue reading

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The Night 8 People Stole 50 Hearts

Sometimes you can feel an experience being etched on your heart. From the moment it begins, the tiny metalworker inside your chest flips down his welding mask, sparks fly, and a short while later, the experience is part of you. I was lucky enough to experience this phenomenon alongside 50 dear friends–who happen to be […] continue reading