Diary Event Video

Make Art, Drink Wine, Stay Inspired

In a place where half the staff is paid to “be creative,” it’s especially important to maintain an environment of inspiration, exploration, and just plain fun. There are lots of ways to do that. One of our favorite ways is to throw a party. Every year, our Art Direction team hosts Make Art: Drink Wine, […] continue reading

Book Reviews Business Interview Strategy Video

An interview with Nilofer Merchant: The “Jane Bond of Innovation”

As businesses try to scale and innovate, sometimes using counter-intuitive moves are the best strategy. When Nilofer and I hike together, she does a great job asking critical questions, and then questioning my answers, forcing me to think through a more bold strategic play. As authors, we’ve worked hard to support each other. So, I interviewed […] continue reading

Delivery Message Strategy Video

A Perfect Persuasive Story: Nehru’s ‘Tryst With Destiny’

When I deliver presentations internationally, I like to use examples of great speeches from the countries I’m visiting. When traveling to India, it was only natural to analyze the beloved speech “Tryst with Destiny” delivered by India’s prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Today would have been Nehru’s 123rd birthday. I wanted to honor his memory by sharing […] continue reading

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