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*New* 2Day VisualStory Workshop – June 27 & 28

By popular demand, we’ve added another date to our 2Day VisualStory lineup! If you missed out on getting a seat at the April or July sessions, join us on June 27 & 28. Register here: https://www.duarteshop.com/2dvisualstory-jun-27-2012.html 2Day VisualStory™ Event Details When you combine the persuasive power of the spoken word with memorable visuals, your ideas become […] continue reading

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Insights & Inspirations from SF SketchCrawl

My first drawing consisted of two ninjas fighting on top of a dragon in the hills of Miami. Weird, I know, but that’s what I came up with as a kid sketching his wild imagination during class. Today, I’m still drawing, but taking more of an “adult” approach by applying my love for drawing to […] continue reading