We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

If you’re at all familiar with Duarte, you know we’re more fun than the average bear. And bears are a pretty good time. Take Yogi for example. When he’s not stealing your lunch, that guy is a hoot. But I digress. Duarte is fun. Case in point, last week marked Duarte’s 4th Annual Spirit Week. […] continue reading


Camille Seaman on Taking Photos and Taking Risks

Photographer Camille Seaman’s daughter was watching Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel one day, when Camille stopped what she was doing to admire the storm’s light. Her daughter noticed her and said, “Mom, you should do that!” Three days later, she was.   Camille’s documentary-style photographs reflect some of nature’s most breathtaking phenomena. Aside from […] continue reading

Book Reviews Delivery

Has the Goon Squad Come For PowerPoint?

When Helen Fielding used a diary to tell the story of Bridget Jones, this stylistic choice seemed logical: the journal format allowed the reader to see the seemingly small details of Bridget’s everyday life. But what if Bridget had written her diary in a very unusual format? In her recent Pulitzer Prize winning novel A […] continue reading


Take Your Meetings by Storm…Gamestorm, That Is

The forecast for Friday, July 22nd at Duarte called for heavy downpours of creativity with intermittent showers of inspiration accompanied by flurries of sticky notes, pens and paper.  The deluge of out-of-the-box thinking began mid-morning and continued throughout the day as  Dave Gray and Sunni Brown hosted their day-long Gamestorming workshop, designed to equip individuals with tools to change […] continue reading