‘Tis the season to be (adjective)!

The holidays are a happy time, but they can drive us a little mad. Relieve some seasonal stress by taking a few minutes to create a holiday Mad Lib! Click here to let the fun begin: https://www.duarte.com/christmas/ Wishing you (adjective) times, and a season (past tense verb) with many happy (plural noun). (Oh and we […] continue reading

Design Diary Video

Gettysburg, Readdressed

Seven score and seven years ago, Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most poignant, and most memorable speeches of all time. Three score, one fortnight, and two days ago, Adam Gault posted to Vimeo a lovely homage to the speech, created entirely in After Effects. Personally, I’ve read the Gettysburg Address several times—first in elementary […] continue reading

Delivery Tips Video

3 Tips for Connecting Authentically

Presentations are boring because they are stripped of all humanness. Why do organizations present messages for human intake that are riddled with double talk, and lack authenticity? Look at the statements below, pulled from real (bad) slides: Presentations are by far the most human, authentic, and relational form of communication in business today. Yet, organizations condition employees […] continue reading