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Best Halloween Parade Ever!

In all fifteen years we’ve been dressing up for Halloween over here at Duarte, this was by far the funniest Halloween parade. Enjoy your weekend and be safe! Photos courtesy of Gritphilm. (Thank you!) View originals here.

Diary Event

15th Annual Pumpkin Contest!

For the fifteenth year in a row, Duarte has caught Pumpkin Fever. And I must warn you, it’s highly contagious. This year’s contest has brought 50+ creatively carved, carefully crafted works of pumpkin art. And YOU get to pick the winners. Take a look and vote for your favorite! https://www.duarte.com/halloween Don’t wait, polls close Friday, […] continue reading

Book Reviews Design

Presentation Help That’s Good Enough to Eat

Longtime friend of Duarte, Garr Reynolds has championed the cause of effective presentations through his blog and books for years.  Now he gives you the tools to help you create those effective presentations, all in one beautifully designed (shall we say delicious?) package. Combining his love of presentations and his love of Japanese culture, Garr packaged his presentation […] continue reading

Book Reviews Message

Two Years of Research, Forty-Six Words

Nancy Duarte spent “two years working nights and weekends” writing Resonate, and Forbes’ Bruce Upbin managed to boil it down to forty-six words. Actually, I’m not even mad. That’s amazing. The conclusions are: Don’t be too cerebral. Tell stories. Figure out what the audience cares about. Create common ground with them. Move back and forth […] continue reading

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