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The Outlier Finds His Element

I read Outliers and The Element back to back last week. Net-net is that people aren’t successful from passion alone, usually there are other factors or “flukes” that lead to them living in their element. You may have heard successful people say that what made them great is that they were at the right place […] continue reading

Event Strategy Technology

Audience on the Stage

Last month Nancy Duarte spoke at Web2.0 Expo and it was a huge success. In preparation for her talk she asked me if there would be a way to reproduce an exercise called “Speaker & Audience Mapping” that she usually leads in the slideology workshops. The exercise goes like this: the audience picks one of […] continue reading

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Book Review: Advanced Presentations by Design

I really like this book. So much that I’m reviewing it while on vacation. Advanced Presentations by Design takes a 10-step approach to writing and designing a presentation. Andrew Abela takes a methodical approach to creating a presentation that drives action. It’s a book that should be in everyone’s presentation library.

Delivery Question

Question: Your Top 20 Speeches of All Time?

As we research for the next book, we’re putting together an analysis of the Top 20 speeches. It’s easy to identify political speeches but we’re looking for a variety. They can be political, but we’d also like any other types, too. They can be closing arguments, speeches in movies, lectures, sermons, Nobel Prize speeches…anything. Submit […] continue reading

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