Tricks for Getting to the Core of Your Story (Part 1)

So you have a topic for a presentation and you’re ready to start building slides in PowerPoint, right? Not so fast. Before you reach for that mouse, you might want to spend some time getting your story straight. After all, presentations are basically just stories. And great presentations always come from great stories. At Duarte, […] continue reading

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Webinar, Seminar and Stuff, oh My!

The last webinar I did for VizThink had almost 12,000 people watch it. Man, folks are hungry for really great presentations. Here’s a podcast they did with me yesterday. It was a different experience to navigate through a PDF instead of having slides. So for the upcoming VizThink webinar, I’ll be presenting with three folks […] continue reading


Use a Brainstorm Before You Open PowerPoint!

We’ve all heard it before… “the presentation is due tomorrow, and you have to pull together the content, QUICK!” Deadlines can make you feel like you have to cut corners and eliminate some very important steps in your creative process, but try to start all projects with at least a quick brainstorm. Pulling four of […] continue reading

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Seeing the Invisible

I rarely treat myself to fiction due to the pile of business books looming on my desk. But this summer I read People Magazine’s must-read fiction book of the summer called The Shack. Toward the end of the book there’s a scene where the main character is introduced to what it might look like if […] continue reading

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