Tips for Remote Presenters

I was recently interviewed for an article on GigaOm’s Web Worker Daily site. Their articles specialize in giving tips to workers who telecommute. Since I’d recently delivered a webinar for VizThink, I pulled from that experience to contribute to the GigaOm article. For the presentation, I draped off the windows of my office (because I […] continue reading

Delivery Diary

4 Restaurants, 3 Days, 1 Chef

A few weeks back, my wife and I were in Washington, DC and, in addition to visiting the museums and monuments that characterize any such trip, we reprised our habit of diving into the local fare. We’re both fans of tapas, so the first night was an easy choice: Jaleo, owned and operated by chef […] continue reading

Delivery Message

A 30-Second Presentation

Yes, I counted myself among the more than 100,000 faithful Comic-Con attendees last week. And no, I didn’t wear a costume. Actually, aside from my work at Duarte Design, I give a workshop every year at Comic-Con called “Goal Setting for Creative Types” and I find it a great place to exercise my presenting chops. My presentation […] continue reading

Design Message

Community Is…

Duarte Design recently participated in design tennis sponsored by Ethos 3 hosted on SlideShare.  Scott Schwertly pulled it together and posted the first slide. Each participant built on the concept proposed by Scott in the original deck “What is community”. It was an interesting study to see if complete strangers could build a story and […] continue reading

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