Events and Experiences

The best events are effervescent experiences. You can tell your story across multiple mediums and tap into the senses to stir an audience’s emotions. Even the tiniest interactions can help set the scene—from pre-event communication to mainstage and breakout presentations, through the journey to your booth. Let us help you with your communication strategy, storytelling, design, and production to create an event they’ll never forget.

Keynotes &<br>Breakouts

Keynotes &

If you’re looking to create an integrated event experience and make the most of the stage, we’re here to help. Sometimes it’s worth going big with your event setup. Other times, you can achieve your goals with less hoopla. We’ll not only assist you with scripting and design, but we can help evaluate the physical environment, the technological possibilities, and consult on how to best make an impact.

Strategy<br>& Theming

& Theming

Your event theme and strategy get people in the door and keep them talking about their experience long after it’s over. We create communication strategies, which help you figure out what to say and how to say it. Then, we dream up overarching creative concepts that bring your message to life over every surface and channel of your event. The stronger content will bring your attendees more value.



Get your audience to visit your booth by weaving compelling calls-to-action into your presentation. Deepen you audience journey by extending your presentation themes into your booth. We create booth signage and graphics that reinforce your big idea in a physical space that your attendees will love to interact with.



Move your audience with things that move: videos, audio, animations, 360 video, projection mapping, VR, and AR. If you’ve seen it or heard of it, it can probably be part of your presentation. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ll guide you towards the most effective and innovative approaches to make your messages memorable.

Kiosk & Digital <br>Signage

Kiosk & Digital

Sometimes your message needs to speak for itself. When your presentation needs to be understood without a presenter, we use the same time-tested principles, but apply them to branching narratives. You care about your customers’ experiences so, we put them first and create meaningful interactions that answer questions and help them understand you. It’s just like if you were presenting, but with an awesome interactive screen, instead.



Presenters sometimes load up their slides with lots of information that they want to ‘leave behind’ with the audience. Pro tip: this doesn’t make good presentations or collateral. Instead, pour all that extra content into a Slidedoc®. Slidedocs are info-packed yet skimmable documents that help you spread your ideas by combining visuals with thought-provoking content. They make great pre-read, reference, and leave-behind materials—and if done right, they definitely won’t get left behind.


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Your Event as an Experience

Deliver more than a presentation, create an experience. Starting with your strategy, we weave together a variety of services that go beyond the mainstage and create a memorable experience that will connect with your audience and make your ideas stick.

Client Success

Transforming a Book Into a Workshop

We needed to take The Sentient Enterprise, a thoughtful and provocative book from the leaders of Teradata, and make it easy to consume. See how we distilled complex ideas and helped Teradata bring them to executive workshops nationwide.

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Presentations That Pack a Punch

Whether you’re getting ready to present at an event, or you just want to brush up on your presentation skills, we’ve got you covered. We know that you don’t just want to inspire your audience, you want to get them to take action based on what they heard. Learn how to do it right in this guide.

What I love about working with Duarte is the confidence that I feel when I engage with them. I know the result is going to be first class. Duarte is great at bringing our ideas to life.”
Chris Twogood VP, SVP Marketing, Teradata

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