When you provide effective communication skills training to your team, you don’t just change careers—you change lives. We want to make it easy for you to deliver the right communication training that maps to your competency goals. For three decades, we’ve worked with the top brands in the world to create moving and meaningful presentations; let us teach your team to persuade others.



Sometimes even the brightest teams have trouble communicating their ideas clearly. That usually means that both they, and the organization, are missing a valuable opportunity. We focus our business communications training on presentations because they’re everywhere in the workplace. Our techniques will help attendees achieve clarity of thought, and train them to communicate the most important parts of their message with conviction and clarity.

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New leaders and seasoned presenters alike can hit a wall in their career if they can’t effectively deliver their ideas. There’s nothing more empowering than commanding a room and feeling comfortable and dynamic on stage. We’ve worked with newbies and pros, and our unique approach helps them dig deeper and channel their natural abilities so they can shine on stage, in the boardroom, or at a meeting.

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Your company isn’t like all the others, so sometimes you need tailored training. We’d love to work with your team to address your specific business training needs and close internal skill gaps. We bring together experts in presentation development, storytelling, and instructional design to create training that gives your teams the skills that they need to succeed.

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If you want your team to know how to write, visualize, and deliver their next talk, look no further than our Presentation Principles ecourse. Based on Nancy Duarte’s HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, this class will help them discover how to communicate by using story techniques, visualizing information, and seeing everything through an audience-centric lens. This format works particularly well for distributed and busy teams.

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Consistently high-quality content and facilitator quality. Easy to work with. Combination of the Academy and the Agency means real-world practical experience supports the classroom work.”
Richard Morse Director, L&D, Gilead
What I love about working with Duarte is the confidence that I feel when I engage with them. I know the result is going to be first class. Duarte is great at bringing our ideas to life.”
Chris Twogood SVP Marketing, Teradata

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84% of the top US-based tech companies rely on Duarte’s presentation and training services.
2535 of the world’s biggest brands rely on Duarte’s presentation services.

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