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As a thought leader, executive, or senior management professional, you are constantly communicating and presenting. It’s part of your mission to share ideas that motivate others—that’s how you keep your company on the cutting edge. Whether your audience includes customers, investors, employees, or the industry at large, an innovative approach will persuade others and make you stand out. We’ll help you reach people the right way, so you can focus on what you do best.



Whether you’re announcing a bold new vision or building momentum for an existing one, you’ll need to rally people to make your dream a reality. But getting stakeholders on the same page can be challenging, even in your own organization. We make it easier with an audience-centric approach that gets to the core of what matters to them. Then, we use storytelling principles to craft persuasive narratives and deliver clever communication plans. Team up with us to get your audience excited for the journey.

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People look to you for direction and a mission, so every speech you give matters. Whether you’re presenting a keynote at a conference, at your own major event, or internally to your team, you’ve got to display a natural eloquence when expressing your ideas. Our presentation coaching will amplify your inner strengths and make you more comfortable, empathetic, and dynamic when presenting. The result? Motivating and moving speeches that get results.

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Events &<br>Experiences

Events &

Your presentation is part of a larger experience, so help your audience connect the dots and feel its full impact. We’ll work with you to start telling the audience your story before the event. During the event, they’ll encounter your message in surprising and delightful ways across different mediums. And, you won’t lose them once they leave. We’ll help you keep in touch, with an ever-evolving narrative that’s relevant to them, so they stay connected and keep your brand at the top of their minds.

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Being on a big stage is a big deal. It’s more significant than just a presentation—it’s an opportunity to transform your audience. But if you really want to influence their thinking, you’ll have to take them on a journey. We approach our presentations using cinematic and literary techniques and apply the lessons we’ve learned over the years of working with history’s most successful speakers. Using a combination of storytelling and stunning visuals, you will move people to action.

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Training for<br>Your Team

Training for
Your Team

Presentations are used (and abused) in organizations every day. Leaders empower their employees to use a visual medium, but never really teach them how. Give your team the tools they need to effectively build a story and create a compelling, persuasive presentation. Choose from our suite of training offerings or customize a course that meets your needs. Our facilitators can come to you, or you can send your team to any of our public workshops.

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Motivating Story Types slides

Five Motivating Story Types Every Leader Should Know

Making new ideas a reality requires people to change. If you’re a leader, it’s your job to entice people toward a goal by communicating clearly. Read about the five archetypal story plots that all leaders must know how to deploy when they’re trying to create transformation.

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The Duarte team very rapidly hit the ground running and delivered super high quality messaging and presentation in record time. It felt like they were an extension of the Hyperloop One team in terms of strategic thinking, agility, speed, and trustworthiness.”
Kimberly Salzer Former Chief Marketing Officer, Hyperloop One Read the story
What I love about working with Duarte is the confidence that I feel that when I engage with Duarte, I know the result is going to be first class. Duarte is great at bringing our ideas to life.”
Chris Twogood SVP Marketing, Teradata

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