Communicating Data for Impact

You live in your data, and you know what it means—but it’s a challenge to communicate complexity with impact to the average person (or even the average executive). The success of your projects and funding depends on how persuasively you can show that your data backs up your recommendations. We’ll boost your ability to make the complex comprehensible, and help get buy-in for your ideas.

Research &<br>Reports

Research &

The best reports do more than summarize findings, they inspire your audience. After all, you’re probably trying to persuade your clients, executives, or others in your organization that you’ve got important insights that should be acted on. Let us help you create engaging and visually stimulating documents that draw your audience in and convince them your ideas are worth supporting.

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You may not have to present often, but when you do, you need to nail it. Influencing others requires you to be comfortable, empathetic, and dynamic when presenting your ideas. Our speaker coaches will work with you to amplify your inner talent and make you an effective communicator—whether you’re on stage, in the boardroom, or at a meeting.

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Very few people receive training on how to present data effectively, especially in a visual medium like presentations. We’re here to change that. We can empower you and your team, showing you how to simplify and communicate data for impact. Don’t dilute the power of your ideas with muddled slides. Come to Slide:ology™, a class based on Nancy Duarte’s best-selling book, and learn how to communicate ideas with clarity and ease.

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Presentation Principles<br>Ecourse

Presentation Principles

If you’re looking for a basic understanding of how to write, visualize, and deliver your next talk, our Presentation Principles ecourse will teach you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Based on Nancy Duarte’s HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, this course will help you discover how to communicate by storytelling, visualizing information, and seeing everything through an audience-centric lens.

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Goodbye Dense Slides presentation

Goodbye Dense Slides

Data-dense slides are hard to make and harder to read. Our dense data toolkit will help you use a “Glance Test” and “Slidedocs®” to more clearly communicate complex information.

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Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic Duarte support at the Informatica World general session! Your team created amazing keynotes for Anil, Sally, and Amit. That Tuesday morning opening general session was simply fabulous!”
Christine Rose Senior Director, Global Events, Informatica read the story
What I love about working with Duarte is the confidence that I feel when I engage with them. I know the result is going to be first class. Duarte is great at bringing our ideas to life.”
Chris Twogood SVP Marketing, Teradata

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