The Sant Foundation

Making the Case for a Carbon Tax

The Sant Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation founded by Roger and Vicki Sant to complement the work of the Summit Foundation. One of their primary commitments is mitigating today’s carbon pollution crisis. Their work is dedicated to educating people so they can successfully approach the crisis and create real change in US and global policy.


Roger was invited to speak at the upcoming Aspen Ideas Festival, and he had a big ask. He wanted to help reduce carbon pollution by asking the world to embrace a carbon tax. The challenge was that his current presentation relied heavily on data. As Roger explains, “it was principally looking at 40 years of energy policy and trying to trace that in data sets.” Roger and his son, Lex (President of the Foundation) knew that they would need more than just data if they wanted to change the way policymakers think about the world. They wanted a story that tied the data together and provided context while compelling action.


  • Ideation
  • Script Writing
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Presentation Development
Roger Sant slide: price on carbon


Our team traveled to Virginia to work hand in hand with Roger and Lex to distill the most important information from their existing presentation. “Duarte just blew me away in our first session,” says Roger, “by getting so clearly what was said there.” We continued working with them, crafting a unique and personal story, developing a visual language that complemented Roger’s point of view, and even coaching him in his delivery to best prepare him for the stage in Aspen.

After hearing about a trip the Sant family once took to Africa, we started digging and found an interesting parallel between rhinoceros conservation and climate change. We also found new ways to incorporate Roger’s decades of experience in the energy industry into his talk. In the end, the presentation was unique to Roger and designed specifically for decision-makers and influencers in government and related industries.

Sant Foundation Slide: 1973 Energy Crisis


The audience response was terrific. People wanted to know more, and some even invited them to give the presentation again at other venues. To support the need for continuous education, we created an add-on to the presentation—something we call a Slidedoc, a visual document that Roger could send out before the presentation or provide on a website for people to view later. You can take a look at it here. The best outcome of all? A happy client, “The presentation is fantastic, and even though we are now familiar with it, the final product is just incredible. We can’t thank you and the entire Duarte team enough…”

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