Informatica World 2017: Unleashing the Disruptive Power of Data

Informatica is the world’s leading enterprise cloud data management solution. They enable their customers to overcome complex data challenges, in any sector, category, or niche. This team is 100% focused on everything that’s got to do with data, and they provide their clients with the foresight to be agile, identify growth opportunities, and invent new things.


Informatica World is the company’s biggest event of the year. In 2017, the stakes were even higher than usual since it came on the heels of a full rebrand and new go-to-market strategy that focused on the power of data to spark intelligent disruption.

The audience was full of IT and business leaders and the Informatica team was determined to bring their new strategy to life—showing their customers the massive technological transformation happening around us and how intelligent data can help usher in a better future.


Informatica Case Study: data driven digital transformation

The Partnership

We worked with Informatica’s CEO, CMO, and CPO to write and visualize their presentations—each speech had to come from a personal perspective, and each one had to make a difference.

To script and visualize presentations for the executives on the Informatica team, we started with a discovery session so we could understand their style and the story they wanted to tell. We needed to capture what was meaningful to each of them and weave that information into the company’s larger disruptive mission.

A deep understanding of both the audience and the speakers helped us to create content that a relevant and at the right level. We developed story arcs and visual styles for each of the speakers that helped to emphasize major themes—data, innovation, and disruption.

Informatica Slide: Think big. We have your back.

Just the Beginning

Welcoming over 2,700 registered attendees, this was truly a successful event which helped turbocharge the brand’s new direction. This was a powerful experience that inspired employees, customers, and investors and gave them a better understanding of what Informatica can do for them.

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