Podcast: Using Storytelling Structure To Create Motivating Presentations

By Team Duarte

Prezi podcast with Nancy Duarte

Our CEO and Chief Presentation Guru, Nancy Duarte, was recently interviewed on The Narrative: A Podcast About Building Business Stories by Prezi. In the podcast episode, “Using Storytelling Structure To Create Motivating Presentations,” Nancy discusses how our culture is searching for meaning and how stories are our way of trying to find it.

Nancy talks about how stories create an opportunity to empathize with a character who is on his own journey to find meaning, usually through some struggle or conflict. Through the episode we learn that story, in a business context, creates an opportunity for us to emotionally appeal to and influence our employees, stakeholders, customers, and partners by providing a path to meaning. It’s that emotional appeal that is so motivating and effective.

Listen to the complete podcast episode below or on Prezi’s Website here.


“Storytelling is a form that can take a shape; it’s not a form-u-la. The minute we start to plug into it as a formula, it will lose its humanity and meaning.” – Nancy Duarte

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