*New* 2Day VisualStory Workshop – June 27 & 28

By Paula Tesch

By popular demand, we’ve added another date to our 2Day VisualStory lineup! If you missed out on getting a seat at the April or July sessions, join us on June 27 & 28.

Register here:

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2Day VisualStory™ Event Details

When you combine the persuasive power of the spoken word with memorable visuals, your ideas become unstoppable. In Duarte’s two-day deep dive into VisualStory™, you’ll write your next presentation using the power of story structure, and storyboard slides using effective visual display of information. You’ll walk in with an idea and leave with that idea developing into a persuasive visual story.

Who should attend:
Anyone who has critical persuasive communication to deliver and has an influential leadership role. Primarily senior manager level and above who write their own content and use slides to express their insights visually. During the two days, you will begin to write and storyboard your next critical presentation and be transformed as a communicator.

What to bring:
Each participant needs to have a presentation idea s/he wants to write and storyboard. This could be an old one in need of a rewrite, or new presentation. Printouts are ok, as a reference point, but not required.

What not to bring:
A laptop. You won’t need one. We work with pens and sticky notes.

What you’ll learn:
Day 1: Create you content in a story form

  • Understand the Business Case for Story
  • Understand the Hero’s Journey – and apply it to their audience’s journey
  • Develop a Big Idea – and address an audience’s Risk, Resistance and Reward
  • Practice rapid brainstorming to generate content
  • Create out-of-the-box concepts and perspectives
  • Embed contrast to create interest through tension and release
  • Construct clear turning points
  • Use the Presentation Form™ to analyze their presentation
  • Establish audience empathy

Day 2: Visually design you content for effective understanding.

  • Build an analog storyboard
  • Identify a slide’s signal vs. noise ratio
  • Arrange slide elements for audience comprehension
  • In teams, turn words into picture and think like a designer
  • Think like a designer

Where you go:
Our creative headquarters in Mountain View, California. We offer our 2Day VisualStory workshop once a quarter.

Duarte, Inc.
161 East Evelyn Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94041

Why do this:
Give you the competitive advantage by standing out. Spend 16 hours actually working on your presentation, writing content and visualizing your story. Pick up important story development tools that change the way you communicate. See how content and visual design work together to create a persuasive communication that will compel your audience to action.

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Paula Tesch

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