Simplify complex concepts and communicate them with visually effective slides audiences can easily understand.

Ways to learn
  • Think, speak, and work like a designer
  • Identify the characteristics of a great slide in your own or others’ presentations
  • Apply expert design theory when sketching your slide layouts
  • Use S.P.A.C.E.™ methodology to overcome common slide design challenges

Most of us aren’t designers, yet we create presentations all the time. When we design slides, we can fall into classic traps—from overusing bullet points and cramming multiple ideas on one slide to using lots of colors, shapes, and fonts. When presenting to an audience, these slides often fail to convey what we most need the audience to know.

We blame PowerPoint® when we wind up with cluttered unattractive slides, but presentation software is just a vehicle for our communication. We forget that it’s our job to communicate our ideas, yet our visuals that obscure that idea, because visual expression isn’t easy or intuitive. We may not have learned it in school but thinking visually is crucial in persuasive communication.

Bringing together compelling content with engaging visuals is a powerful way to move an audience. The Slide:ology® workshop helps you get better at the visual part. It’s not about pretty pictures, it’s about persuasive visual communication.

Live online


What people are saying

“Slide:ology® is a great course. Very insightful learnings which can be immediately applied in my role to benefit my organization.”

Slide:ology® learner

“The highly curated, thoughtfully packaged, action-oriented training materials and approach have super-charged my slide creation (and improvement) skills. I can now take ANY slide and critically analyze it for what can be removed, what should be added, how to make it memorable and ensure it makes a strong point.”

Leah R., UX Research Manager | Slide:ology™ learner

“I could not have been more satisfied with the training. We learned countless concepts and skills that will improve every presentation slide I make from now onward. The training itself was engaging, fun, and insightful.”

Abby E., Analyst | Slide:ology® learner

“The tools and tips I’ve learned in this course are 100% effective at helping me create meaningful slides. As a result, I am more productive and efficient with slide communications.”

Nora N., Product Manager | Slide:ology® learner

“It became very clear while working through this training that my existing presentations could become much more effective and simplified to get the exact message across, rather than displaying a lot of unnecessary information. Had a lot of fun and would definitely recommend this to anyone that regularly works in PowerPoint®.”

Zak L., Business Data Analyst II | Slide:ology® learner

“This was inspirational, and taking the training as a team will help raise expectations and the visual quality of our communications and presentations!”

Joel B. | Slide:ology® learner

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