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Clarify complex messages with easy-to-read visual documents built in presentation software.

Ways to learn
  • Persuade your audience, even when you’re not in the room, by combining powerful visuals and prose
  • Adapt live presentation slides into stunning leave-behinds that fully explain your message
  • Create magazine-like reading experiences, even if you’re not a designer
  • Access templates you can customize to match your brand’s look and feel

You have a great idea, and you need your customers or co-workers to get on board. But your plan is too complicated for an email, and you know almost no one is going to read a long-form report. In a fast-paced world where attention spans are shrinking, how do you gain someone’s interest and persuade them, without being in the room?

Slidedocs® are skimmable, visual documents that powerfully deliver your most important ideas. They are ideal for creating pre-reads or leave-behinds for your most important conversations. And when Slidedocs® done well, they can be the fuel to help your ideas spread like wildfire.

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What people are saying

“Such a helpful way to avoid death by Powerpoint! I have already created a few Slidedocs® that received a fantastic response.”​

Slidedocs® learner

“Now I have the skills to create a Slidedoc™ with confidence! I have known about Slidedocs® for years but only now feel like I have gained the necessary skills to put one together at the level I have desired. Thank you!”

Manager | Slidedocs® learner

“Very good foundational course. Very useful and valuable. I always learn when studying Duarte’s content”​

Senior Vice President | Slidedocs® learner

“Loved it! Good structure, digestible pieces of content, lots of tips and tricks. I especially loved the case studies and the wrap up at the end of each section.”

Slidedocs® learner

“Thank you for such a ​good course, with excellent on-screen demonstrations, recaps, resources, and beautiful templates for this innovative business communication tool.”​

Slidedocs® learner

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