Duarte DataStory®

Apply story principles to communicate essential insights from data to speed up decision-making and influence action.

Ways to learn
  • Present data as a recommendation that motivates clients and stakeholders to act
  • Use storytelling techniques to present data that decision makers can easily approve
  • Institute a common “data language” and methodology to increase decision-making speed across your organization
  • Maximize the potential of your data

A recent study shows 67% of job openings are for analytics-enabled roles. And yet, hiring data-savvy employees doesn’t always translate into results because we’ve skipped a crucial step—developing the skill of communicating data to inspire action.

DataStory teaches Duarte’s research-based methodology for explaining data in a way that moves people to action. It isn’t about data analysis or visualization. It’s about persuasive data communication.



Live online


What people are saying

“They transformed my mindset from presenting data for awareness to presenting data for purpose and action.”

Gary R., Manager Sales Support | Duarte DataStory® learner

“If your organization has good data & your team want to transform the data into action, I will highly recommend this workshop for those who would like to customize their story as per their audience in a more simple and powerful way, this is the one. The methods & approach taught here is simply mind blowing. I loved this workshop.”

Velkumar B., Director – Head of Global Indirect Procurement Operations | Duarte DataStory® learner

“The material and facilitation were excellent. Liked the structure and examples, which helped me absorb and retain the main points. sharing data this way will help our client’s business and our business be more successful.”

Power Practice Leader | Duarte DataStory® learner

“The Duarte DataStory® workshop will improve how our organization presents data, internally and externally, helping increase and extend the value of our research.”

Bill F., Corporate Communications | Duarte DataStory® learner

“Duarte takes your messy project and helps you ​learn to transform it into ​a powerful message that makes your hard work relatable, persuasive, ​and engaging.”

Jordan H., Quality Analyst | Duarte DataStory® learner

“The Duarte DataStory® workshop was amazing! I really enjoyed this experience and what I learned will be relevant to pitch my recommendations to senior stakeholders in a more effective manner.”

Andrea R., Lead Decision Scientist | Duarte DataStory® learner

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