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Story Fundamentals™

Recall and craft anecdotes from your personal and professional experiences, so you can use the right story at the right time to inspire action.

Ways to learn
  • Increase engagement with stories that matters to your audience
  • Speed up decision-making by creating an emotional connection
  • Change the way people think, feel, and act
  • Humanize your brand or your initiatives by making them relatable

Effective storytellers don’t just amuse or entertain. They persuade. Story has the power to make ideas stick. Why? Because stories engage more of our audience’s brains and impact how they think and feel about a subject, product, or idea. Ultimately, a great story will influence and persuade them to take action.

But poorly structured stories that don’t include the right elements, communicated in the right way, fall short. They may engage listeners for a moment, but lack the power to hold listeners’ attention, affect their emotions, or guide them to the right next steps. Telling stories is important. But telling stories the right way is powerful.

Our Story Fundamentals virtual workshop teaches the skills necessary to move listeners with emotionally impactful stories. In this workshop you’ll experience the power of story and then learn to apply the story structure secrets of powerful storytellers. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with the skills necessary to use stories to change the way listeners think, feel, and act.



Live online


What people are saying

“If you want to tell a better story with greater impact, then you need Duarte to help you think differently on what your audience wants.”

Carmina S, Marketing Programs Specialist | Story Fundamentals™ learner

“If you want excellence, hire the experts. The greater the number of courses you take, the greater your expertise ​will be.”

Dr. Esperanza M., Senior Professor | Story Fundamentals™ learner

“Duarte Story Fundamentals™ will help you leverage on that unique opportunity of telling your story in a structured way that can easily engage with any audience.”

Oscar G., Trade Marketing Director | Story Fundamentals™ learner

“The storytelling skills will help me not just by storytelling but by making sure that our email content tells a story every time.”

Story Fundamentals™ learner

“Duarte workshops provide the essential elements for any professional, whether you are in marketing or a leadership role! Their storytelling fundamentals session will arm you will best practices, tips, and tools, and an opportunity to work through real projects through helpful breakout sessions. This is a must for any professional to enhance your communications expertise!”

Stacie Pham, Principal Communications Manager | Story Fundamentals™ learner”

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