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Facts are essential, but stories stick. Learn the techniques of expert storytelling to craft communication that builds influence and drives action.

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Let us come to you for a communication workshop and team learning on-site.

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Learn online with live instruction, discussions, and answers to all your questions about communication skills.

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Learn on your own schedule with self-paced communication modules designed for independent skill-building.

Train your team

Imagine how agile your team would be if they all interacted in a way that improves your work, culture and impact. Now they can, with our communication training courses.

What people are saying

“Change can be fear-filled in prospect but fearsome in effect. With Illuminate, Duarte and Sanchez light our path through that crucial transition dazzlingly.”

Robert B. Cialdini, Author of Influence | Illuminate™ reader

“To motivate others, leaders must listen and communicate empathetically. With Illuminate, everyone can learn to lead—even without being loud.”

Susan Cain, Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking and Co-Founder of Quiet Revolution | Illuminate™ reader

“Technology creates an unprecedented velocity of data today. Communicating data in the form of a story infuses it with meaning and meaning drives action.”

Dr. Jennifer Aaker, General Atlantic Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business | DataStory® reader

“In an age where we are overwhelmed with data, telling a compelling data story is hard. What Duarte has done beautifully is help us connect with an audience on a much more meaningful level. It’s a must-read for business storytellers everywhere who want to make a difference in their work.”

Jeremy Waite, Chief Customer Officer at IBM iX | DataStory® reader

“The most successful TED speakers spread brilliant ideas following the timeless principles in this invaluable book. It’s a safe bet we’ll be sending this book to all future presenters just as soon as they confirm!”

Tom Rielly, TED Conferences | Slide:ology® reader

“Now that Nancy has published this book, what’s your excuse for your long, boring, and useless presentations?”

Guy Kawasaki, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur | Slide:ology® reader

“As Nancy Duarte knows better than anyone, it’s not about the slides. This smart, insightful book will teach you how to use the power of story to recast your thinking and reinvigorate your presentations. Resonate is a must-read for anyone who has to stand before an audience and persuade.”

Daniel Pink, Author of DRIVE, WHEN, and A Whole New Mind | Resonate® reader

“Nancy knows a secret, and she’s not shy about sharing it: if you are intentional about your presentations, if you tell a story on purpose, if you set out to cause the change you say you want, you’ll succeed. This book goes a long way in selling you on making that choice.”

Seth Godin, Speaker, Blogger, Author | Resonate® reader

“This concise, yet packed little book might contain all you need to know about giving a better presentation… If you do any kind of public speaking, or want to, this book will be extremely helpful and useful.”

800 CEO Read | HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations reader

“If you are in sales, data analytics, training, basically in any role communicating to others, this workshop is a must to level up your skills.”

VisualStory® learner

“This session is a must have for any individual, group, or business that is looking to transform their presentation effectiveness. The content is relevant, timely, and impactful.”

Harmon S. | Field Agent Sales Manager, VisualStory® learner

“The training on shaping presentations was beyond helpful. In a simple manner all important topics were covered and techniques for story-shaping and building impactful presentations were offered and trained at the same time. The materials and insights are a great basis to get every presentation started in a confident way.”

Sarah K. | Visual Designer, VisualStory® learner

“To anyone who may be on the fence as to the value of a virtual classroom training on presentations, this class will definitely surpass your expectations and leave you empowered to deliver more effective and value added presentations.”

Wayne G. | Senior Manager, VisualStory® learner

“Great training, exceeded my expectations and as a visual designer being experienced in presentation and presenting, I learned much to even improve what I thought I did quite well till now. Thanks much for this!”

Visual Designer | VisualStory® learner

“This was by far one of the best training classes I have had… It was so relevant. The bulk of my job is literally creating presentations and communicating information. This training provided me with an excellent framework for thinking different.”

VisualStory® learner

“The information was delivered expertly – I was able to pause and process as needed. The notes section was perfect. In real time, I did these exercises for a project I’m working on. Very thought provoking.”

Presentation Principles learner

“Excellent, once again. No​ previous course I have​ attended has had this​ level of comprehension​ and education on media​ and the use of slides.”

Presentation Principles learner

“This is an excellent, thorough, and dynamic course!”

SVP/VP | Presentation Principles learner

“This course provided a map for making the journey with the audience to promote, motivate and inspire towards new ideas!”

Manager | Presentation Principles learner

“I like the course. Key points are clear, concise, practical.”

Manager | Presentation Principles learner

“Another fabulous delivery of valuable, real-life applicable information. Thank you!”

Manager | Presenting Virtually™ learner

“Loved the short videos! Straight to the point and kept me engaged throughout.”

Presenting Virtually™ learner

“I thought the course was great! The information was good and the production quality was top notch. The Duarte team that presented all had unique styles, and I learned a lot just by focusing on how they presented. Since the course had a lot of information, I plan on re-watching it every now and then to sharpen up my skills.”

Clay S., Technical Sales Representative | Presenting Virtually™ learner

“Easily the best presentation skills session I have attended. It made the uncomfortable topics around presenting feel super comfortable. Professional live coaching that enabled instant improvements and takeaways. Highly recommended.”

Kobi E., Director – Product Development | Captivate™ learner

“This workshop is worth it. You will get assistance and tools to advance your speaking engagement opportunities. The most telling aspect is the quick results you see within hours of participating.”

Joan O., Senior Product Manager | Captivate™ learner

“This is one of the best virtual experiences on elevating presentation skills with great peer feedback & coaching built into consumable chunks.”

Lucy C., Senior Director | Captivate™ learner

“I feel like the Duarte workshops have given me some very actionable steps to follow for my presentations to be more engaging and more effectively deliver the desired message. Additionally, there’s plenty of advice and material for continuous improvement no matter where you are on the speaking spectrum.”

Tim S., Senior Technical Leader | Captivate™ learner

“Duarte did a good job of turning essential presentation concepts into practice. The session is highly interactive and has helped me to develop skills on the spot with tactics to help me move forward.”

Bryant M., UX Designer, Social media company | Captivate™ learner

“The Captivate™ workshop is more than just a course to improve your speech during presentations. The tools that you’ll take away from the course apply to all aspects of your life. Learning how best to apply these common tools, have the potential to make life altering changes for anyone willing to put in the work.”

Stacey Y., SRE Manager | Captivate™ learner

“You were so helpful and patient and generous. No way I would have given even a decent talk without you. There were so many times you set me straight I can’t even remember. I still can’t believe the [standing ovation] at the end.”​

Biologist and Distinguished Professor | Speaker Coaching

“I can honestly say this was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had in a long time and I have a lot more confidence about speaking thanks to you.“

Vice President, Fortune 500 technology company | Speaker Coaching

“You are helping me ​create something so important. Thank you. ​With so much gratitude. ​It brings tears. Looking forward to our next one.“

Founder, Interior design firm | Speaker Coaching

“You had really good input on both the content and presentation. I have a long way to go but you gave me a glimpse of how important improving my delivery can be.“

Managing Director, Venture fund | Speaker Coaching

“Slide:ology is a great course. Very insightful learnings which can be immediately applied in my role to benefit my organization.”

Software company | Slide:ology® learner

“The highly curated, thoughtfully packaged, action-oriented training materials and approach have super-charged my slide creation (and improvement) skills. I can now take ANY slide and critically analyze it for what can be removed, what should be added, how to make it memorable and ensure it makes a strong point.”

Leah R. UX Research Manager, Software company | Slide:ology® learner

“I could not have been more satisfied with the training. We learned countless concepts and skills that will improve every presentation slide I make from now onward. The training itself was engaging, fun, and insightful.”

Abby E., Analyst, Location intelligence software company | Slide:ology® learner

“The tools and tips I’ve learned in this course are 100% effective at helping me create meaningful slides. As a result, I am more productive and efficient with slide communications.”

Nora N., Product Manager, Fortune 500 technology company | Slide:ology® learner

“It became very clear while working through this training that my existing presentations could become much more effective and simplified to get the exact message across, rather than displaying a lot of unnecessary information. Had a lot of fun and would definitely recommend this to anyone that regularly works in PowerPoint®.”

Zak L., Business Data Analyst II, Banking company | Slide:ology® learner

“This was inspirational, and taking the training as a team will help raise expectations and the visual quality of our communications and presentations!”

Joel B., Fortune 500 technology company | Slide:ology® learner

“Such a helpful way to avoid death by Powerpoint®! I have already created a few Slidedocs that received a fantastic response.”​

Slidedocs® learner

“Now I have the skills to create a Slidedoc™ with confidence! I have known about Slidedocs for years but only now feel like I have gained the necessary skills to put one together at the level I have desired. Thank you!”​

Manager | Slidedocs® learner

“Very good foundational course. Very useful and valuable. I always learn when studying Duarte’s content.”​

SVP / VP | Slidedocs® learner

“Loved it! Good structure, digestible pieces of content, lots of tips and tricks. I especially loved the case studies and the wrap up at the end of each section.”

Slidedocs® learner

“Thank you for such a ​good course, with excellent on-screen demonstrations, recaps, resources, and beautiful templates for this innovative business communication tool.”​

Slidedocs® learner

“I think everyone should take this.”​

Slide Design learner

“All the secrets I’ve been looking for from great designers for years! I feel empowered now to create beautiful, impactful PowerPoint® slides, without hours of pain or hard work!”​

Manager | Slide Design learner

“The most concise yet effective slide design course I have come across. Outstanding course for a busy professional!”​

Manager | Slide Design learner

“You helped me discover lots of features I didn’t even now were there! ​I liked the pace, the practice file, and the high-level overview.”

Slide Design learner

“This was very helpful. As someone who thought they were a ‘Super User’ of Power​Point®, I learned some new tricks. I applaud the team for providing some new tricks and tools that I can apply every day.”

Slide Design learner​

“Duarte transformed my mindset from presenting data for awareness to presenting data for purpose and action.”

Gary R., Manager Sales Support | Duarte DataStory® learner

“If your organization has good data and your team want to transform the data into action, I highly recommend this workshop. For those who would like to customize their story as per their audience in a more simple and powerful way, this is the one. The methods and approach taught are simply mind-blowing. I loved this workshop.”

Velkumar B., Director – Head of Global Indirect Procurement Operations | Duarte DataStory® learner

“The material and facilitation were excellent. Liked the structure and examples, which helped me absorb and retain the main points. Sharing data this way will help our client’s business and our business be more successful.”

Power Practice Leader | Duarte DataStory® learner

“The Duarte DataStory® workshop will improve how our organization presents data, internally and externally, helping increase and extend the value of our research.”

Bill F., Corporate Communications | Duarte DataStory® learner

“Duarte takes your messy project and helps you ​learn to transform it into ​a powerful message that makes your hard work relatable, persuasive, ​and engaging.”

Jordan H., Quality Analyst | Duarte DataStory® learner

“The Duarte DataStory® workshop was amazing! I really enjoyed this experience and what I learned will be relevant to pitch my recommendations to senior stakeholders in a more effective manner.”

Andrea R., Lead Decision Scientist | Duarte DataStory® learner

“Absolutely loved this workshop, it was insightful and very valuable. I will be including these principles in my mission-critical presentations going forward. I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to become a stronger communicator and presenter.”

Resonate® learner

“If you plan on crafting ideas that make a significant impact on your life and organization, Resonate® is for you!”

Trey A., Real Time Operations Manager | Resonate® learner

“What’s great about the Resonate® workshop is that you can apply the format and material to *any* conversation. Whether it be a presentation, meeting to bring on an advisor, or even a marketing meeting. It’s versatile and applicable across the board.”

Molly B., Chief Executive Officer | Resonate® learner

“Without a doubt one of the most engaging and useful workshops I have ever done – this is definitely in the 10% of workshops where I came out of it with clear and actionable insights that will directly impact my work.”

Andy W., Global Program Manager | Resonate® learner

“I plan to incorporate the storytelling tools, understanding my audience and tailoring my presentation vs slide doc. I think this will increase the visibility of my team and dept. I am 90% confident that it will have the intended benefit…”

Resonate® learner

“As someone who considers myself an experienced presenter, I was impressed with how many new ideas I found to take away from this workshop that I am planning to implement immediately into my work.”

Jarod F., Solution Engineer | Resonate® learner

“This course explores the (storytelling) craft, breaking it down into tangible, consumable parts to be examined and understood. It then takes that insight and teaches participants how to build their own impactful stories. With great content, pacing and participant engagement, it’s a sure bet for any business who wants to empower its people to influence, teach, and inspire.”

Marlinda M., Product Marketing Manager | Illuminate™ learner

“I am 100% confident, that I am better prepared to inspire my team and customers to take measured risks that will benefit all, through innovative changes in services offerings and customer results.”

Illuminate™ learner

“The workshop inspired me to drive meaningful change in my organization through strategic narrative, storytelling and empathetic communications. I left feeling recharged and ready to make a difference in my work.”

Hayley D., Communication Strategist | Illuminate™ learner

“We’ve all seen change efforts that have gone sideways. Illuminate gives refreshing ‘how-to’s’ for guiding people through change with effectiveness and empathy.”

Lisa D., Program Director | Illuminate™ learner

“The latest in the top-notch ​line-up of Duarte workshops, this content will make any leader, change practitioner, ​or budding storyteller better ​at their craft. Applying the learnings in this session will make you a more effective communicator, leader, and student of humanity.”​

Amy H., Chief of Staff – Human Resources | Illuminate™ learner

“I am excited to share this change map and venture scape with my team, and to continue the journey of our change effort. I intend to consider speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols that will be useful and impactful to motivate (and at times warn) my team members as we continue our journey.”

Illuminate™ learner

“I have no doubt that applying Adaptive Listening skills to my interactions will make me a better teammate, direct report, and leader.”

Adaptive Listening™ learner

“Adaptive Listening teaches listening skills that will benefit literally everyone. Whether you’re a non-corporate human that interfaces with another or a manager whose job it is to care for a team, this material gets to the core of human experience and how we respond to others.”

Matt G., Design Director | Adaptive Listening™ learner

“Every person, every company, every industry – globally, could benefit from Adaptive Listening.”

Jane | Adaptive Listening™ learner

“Session was awesome and useful. Can shift my leadership style with this.”

Adaptive Listening™ learner

“This was an amazing workshop! It should be required course for any management role, aside from being beneficial to literally anyone. My mom included.”

Adaptive Listening™ learner

“I found the material profoundly impactful on a personal level, as in, I plan to utilize it immediately. It is actually going down as my favorite workshop.”

Adaptive Listening™ learner

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