Presenting Virtually

Articulate your ideas well in a virtual setting and influence others remotely.

Ways to learn
  • Master the art of presenting online
  • Communicate and connect with remote audiences
  • Increase your reach and influence
  • Inspire virtual audiences to action

If you’re like most technology workers, you’re doing your job remotely some or all the time. Presentations that were once in person, now happen via virtual platforms.

Virtual communication empowers people to express ideas in new ways. Yet if it’s not used well, the medium can leave audiences cold. By maximizing the benefits of virtual, while minimizing the drawbacks, presenters can create experiences that delight and move audiences.

You’ve got the platform—now practice using it to get your ideas across to remote audiences. The Presenting Virtually online course will help you apply techniques from the guidebook to hone your virtual communication through short and engaging video-based lessons plus hands-on exercises and reference tools.

On-demand online


What people are saying

“Another fabulous delivery of valuable, real-life applicable information. Thank you!”

Manager | Presenting Virtually™ learner

“Loved the short videos! Straight to the point and kept me engaged throughout.”

Presenting Virtually™ learner

“I thought the course was great! The information was good and the production quality was top notch. The Duarte team that presented all had unique styles, and I learned a lot just by focusing on how they presented. Since the course had a lot of information, I plan on re-watching it every now and then to sharpen up my skills.”

Clay S., Technical Sales Representative | Presenting Virtually™ learner

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