Engage audiences in any room or from any stage by improving how you speak.

Ways to learn
  • Increase your confidence in every speaking setting, from meetings to keynotes
  • Persuade others not just by what you say, but how you say it
  • Leverage your personality and presence to create a memorable impression
  • Track your own progress through built-in practice sessions

You’ve finished your research. You’ve crafted relevant and compelling content. You may have even created stunning slides. But you still need to deliver perfectly. After all, great content cannot move people if it’s not delivered well. Luckily, great public speaking is a skill everyone can learn.

Captivate™ gives you the model and tools to become a more comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic speaker. This highly participatory workshop uses a mix of instruction, examples, and live coaching sessions so you can immediately put your new skills to practice.

Live online


What people are saying

“Easily the best presentation skills session I have attended. It made the uncomfortable topics around presenting feel super comfortable. Professional live coaching that enabled instant improvements and takeaways. Highly recommended.”

Kobi E., Director | Captivate™ learner

“This workshop is worth it. You will get assistance and tools to advance your speaking engagement opportunities. The most telling aspect is the quick results you see within hours of participating.”

Joan O., Senior Product Manager | Captivate™ learner

“This is one of the best virtual experiences on elevating presentation skills with great peer feedback & coaching built into consumable chunks.”

Lucy C., Senior Director | Captivate™ learner

“I feel like the Duarte workshops have given me some very actionable steps to follow for my presentations to be more engaging and more effectively deliver the desired message. Additionally, there’s plenty of advice and material for continuous improvement no matter where you are on the speaking spectrum.”

Tim S., Senior Technical Leader | Captivate™ learner

“Duarte did a good job of turning essential presentation concepts into practice. The session is highly interactive and has helped me to develop skills on the spot with tactics to help me move forward.”

Bryant M., UX Designer | Captivate™ learner

“The Captivate™ workshop is more than just a course to improve your speech during presentations. The tools that you’ll take away from the course apply to all aspects of your life. Learning how best to apply these common tools, have the potential to make life altering changes for anyone willing to put in the work.”

Stacey Y., SRE Manager | Captivate™ learner

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