Presentation Principles

Write, design, and deliver engaging presentations using tips from the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations.

Ways to learn
  • Discover the best practices for visually displaying messages
  • Become a dynamic, comfortable, and empathetic speaker
  • Understand the context of your communication and work within a story framework
  • Transform your audience from feeling and thinking one way to feeling and thinking in a new way

The purpose of a presentation is to persuade others to adopt your ideas. Many are prone to think that a strong argument and unquestionable facts will do the convincing for them, but the truth is—facts alone fail to persuade.

To influence your colleagues and customers, you’ve got to conceive, design, and deliver a presentation that really makes an impact. Discovering the art of crafting memorable messages and creating powerful visuals will help you win over the toughest crowds and show people why your ideas matter to them.

In this online course, based on Nancy Duarte’s best-selling book, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, you’ll discover how to tell stories, visualize ideas, and present with confidence.

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Elevating your teams’ communication skills has never been easier thanks to the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations. It’s one of 20 titles on HBR’s “Ideas with Impact List,” which honors books that are adopted widely inside organizations.

What people are saying

“The information was delivered expertly – I was able to pause and process as needed. The notes section was perfect. In real-time, I did these exercises for a project I’m working on. Very thought provoking.”

Presentation Principles learner

“Excellent, once again. No​ previous course I have​ attended has had this​ level of comprehension​ and education on media​ and the use of slides.”

Presentation Principles learner

“This is an excellent, thorough, and dynamic course!”

Senior Vice President | Presentation Principles learner

“This course provided a map for making the journey with the audience to promote, motivate and inspire towards new ideas!”

Manager | Presentation Principles learner

“I like the course. Key points are clear, concise, practical.”

Manager | Presentation Principles learner

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