Craft a communication strategy that uses story principles to spark and sustain change.

Ways to learn
  • Understand the journey of change and the role story plays in it
  • Empathetically understand what people need to hear from you
  • Identify the right types of communication to pull on in a particular moment
  • Infuse speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols into your change communication

Most businesses today are undergoing transformation. Yet while change may be clearly good for the business, people in the business must be persuaded it’s good for them, too.

Driving organizational transformation is tough because change is scary to most people. Many will react by expressing discomfort, doubt, or outright resistance. To overcome their fear and skepticism, people need to feel hopeful that the outcome will be positive for them even when the path ahead may be murky. This requires authentic, emotional, audience-centric communication. This is the power of storytelling.

Based on Illuminate, the award-winning book by Nancy Duarte and Patti Sanchez, this workshop will equip you to communicate in a way that sparks and sustains change. We’ll explore the story structure inherent in every change journey, reveal tools your teams can use to communicate through the journey, and help you recall and share your change stories.

Live online


What people are saying

“This course explores the (storytelling) craft, breaking it down into tangible, consumable parts to be examined and understood. It then takes that insight and teaches participants how to build their own impactful stories. With great content, pacing and participant engagement, it’s a sure bet for any business who wants to empower its people to influence, teach and inspire.”

Marlinda M., Product Marketing Manager | Illuminate™ learner

“I am 100% confident, that I am better prepared to inspire my team and customers to take measured risks that will benefit all, through innovative changes in services offerings and customer results.”

Illuminate™ learner

“The session inspired me to drive meaningful change in my organization through strategic narrative, storytelling and empathetic communications. I left feeling recharged and ready to make a difference in my work.”

Hayley D., Communication Strategist | Illuminate™ learner

“We’ve all seen change efforts that have gone sideways. Illuminate™ gives refreshing ‘how-to’s’ for guiding people through change with effectiveness and empathy.”

Lisa D., Program Director | Illuminate™ learner

“The latest in the top-notch ​line-up of Duarte workshops, this content will make any leader, change practitioner, ​or budding storyteller better ​at their craft. Applying the learnings in this session will make you a more effective communicator, leader, and student of humanity.”​

Amy H., Chief of Staff, Human Resources | Illuminate™ learner

“I am excited to share this change map and venture scape with my team, and to continue the journey of our change effort. I intend to consider speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols that will be useful and impactful to motivate (and at times warn) my team members as we continue our journey.”

Illuminate™ learner

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