Turn communication into a competitive advantage

Increase the influence and impact of your teams with research-based communication training. The Duarte Method is rooted in 30-years of working with the world’s biggest brands.

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Communication is comprehensive. Get training on story, visuals, delivery, and strategy in one place.

“It was amazing to see how impactful the presentations were right after the class. They are simple lessons that can be applied immediately and with great returns.”

Shireen Alam, VP, Publicis Sapient

“Duarte workshops are both motivational and empowering. After each one, I’ve wanted to go out and immediately put what I learned to use — and I feel confident doing so.”

Michael Cravotta, Creative Director, Capital Group

Intuit Is Powering Prosperity Around the World Through Storytelling and Communication Skills

The marketers and communicators at Intuit work hard to “help power prosperity around the world” by delivering the right message, to the right person, in the right way, at the right time. By training with Duarte, employees have honed their audience analysis, delivery, and storytelling skills to help them build stronger connections with audiences—both internally and externally. Over time, the folks at Intuit have come to regard Duarte not just as a training partner, but as a true extension of their team.

Courses Taken:

  • Captivate™
  • DataStory™
  • Resonate™
  • Slidedocs™
  • VisualStory®
  • Captivate™ for Virtual Communication

“Duarte training delivers the skills needed to increase job performance. Without storytelling and communication skills for the future, people are just average.”

– Senior L&D Manager: Marketing and Communications, Intuit, 2020


Improve Communication in Every Scenario


250% Increase in ROI*

*A study by MIT Sloan found that soft skills training brought a 250% ROI that included an increase in productivity and ability to perform complex tasks more quickly.

Confident communication allows people to realize their own potential, maximize their value to the company, and:

Assert more influence

Stay agile in periods of change

Have a greater impact

Be more productive

Advance their careers

Find meaning in their work

The Duarte Method™

For over 30 years we’ve worked with the world’s top brands and leaders. We’ve codified our learnings into the Duarte Method — a communication system that’s fueled by strategy, story, visuals, and delivery. Through this system, influential people can learn to adapt to every communication scenario and increase the clarity and impact of their messages.


Leading Global Healthcare Company Proves Good Communication Has a Butterfly Effect

One pharmaceutical company has proven that good communication skills can change lives. After Duarte training, this company’s medical staff are now better able to communicate to physicians about the different ways they can best treat their patients.

Courses Taken:

  • Captivate™
  • DataStory™
  • Resonate™
  • Captivate™ for Virtual Communication

“We’ve internally seen the impact of Duarte in the ways our team has been conducting themselves during their presentations, and in being very sharp and much more helpful in how we negotiate with our stakeholders. You do not know how good you are until you go to Duarte.”

– Medical Excellence Specialist, Leading Pharmaceutical Firm, 2020


The Duarte Difference


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Global Client Organizations


Years Pioneering the Field


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Average Facilitator Scores

All online learning is SCORM compliant

1:1 coaching available after workshops

Post-workshop survey results to understand your team’s learning experience

Train-the-trainer program for organizations seeking cost-effective ways to improve communication company-wide

What Learners Say

“As I was sitting in the workshop I thought about multiple, real-life experiences where I knew I would be able to apply this knowledge immediately.”

Dan Luna, Data Stewardship & Enablement Manager, Edward Jones

Flexible Learning Options That Cater to Everyone

Live Virtual Workshops

Expert facilitators use breakout sessions, polling, chat, annotations, and real-time assessment to keep the learning experience lively and engaging.

Virtual Speaker Coaching

Our coaches use tested methodologies to give personal guidance and development plans. Help your speakers prepare for an event or meet long-term goals.

Online Courses

License our bite-sized learning modules anytime, anywhere. Videos, quizzes, and exercises designed for effective learning.

In-Person Workshops

We train your team onsite. Get personalized feedback, group interaction, and the ease of training your employees on their home turf.


Learning Journeys

Presentation Mastery

Build compelling content so you can move your audience through a story and visually draw their attention to the most important information. Become a persuasive force when delivering your presentation.

Phase One


clear and well-organized presentation content.

Phase Two


slides for maximum visual impact.

Phase Three


with comfort, dynamism, and empathy.

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Go beyond basic comfort when delivering your message and learn to command the room by intentionally using your movements, your voice, and learning to read your audience.

Phase One


self-awareness of your delivery ability.

Phase Two


with comfort, dynamism, and empathy.

Phase Three


intuitive, unconscious habits of confident, dynamic, and empathetic speakers.

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Learn how to find the story in data and structure and clearly design your presentation to inspire action. Get comfortable delivering those data insights verbally to increase your impact and influence.

Phase One


data and develop a point of view on it that enables decision-making.

Phase Two


data by crafting visual documents that use story structure.

Phase Three


action in others by powerfully presenting the narrative in the data.

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Move beyond understanding the power of story to knowing exactly when and how to deploy story in speeches, presentations, and conversations.

Phase One


clear and well-organized presentation content.

Phase Two


stories in a compelling, audience-focused way.

Phase Three


stories comfortably, dynamically, and empathetically.

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Drive organizational change with compelling, audience-centered communication that moves people smoothly into new normals.

Phase One


the journey of change.

Phase Two


empathetic, audience-centric communications.

Phase Three


communication for one important moment in the journey.

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