Laura Wall Klieves

VP of Academy

Laura is focused on training others to communicate their best. She’s passionate about learners transforming their presentations and seeing the impact on their lives. Since 2010, Laura has led her team to educate over 30,000 people in Duarte’s VisualStory™ methodology. She’s been instrumental in adding new instructor-led workshops and an award-winning ecourse.

Laura Wall Klieves “It’s not about what you need to say, but about what your audience needs to hear in order for them to adopt your idea.” - Laura Wall Klieves

Laura has presented to scholastic educators at education conferences including ATD national conference and chapter meetings, Training Magazine, EdTech, Forte Foundation, and Learning Forward, an international association for educational professionals. She also speaks at F500 and international brands like Applied Materials. Banque de Rothschild, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal. NBC Universal, SAP, SwissCom, and Symantec.

Leveraging over three decades of marketing and advertising experience she’s won three Addy Awards. She also won a Silver Horizon Interactive Award for her work on Duarte’s Persuasive Presentations ecourse.

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Laura’s Keynote Topics

Persuasive Visual Storytelling: Motivate People to Support Your Ideas – Persuasive visual storytelling gets results. Yet, why are presentations still so boring? Laura shares her high-level perspective on how to craft a persuasive presentation that will grab and keep the audience’s attention. The insights can be applied tomorrow, as you shift towards being a more audience-centric communicator.

How to Create an Ecourse that Doesn’t Suck – Some ecourses are dull at best, and horrible at worst. On their very first adventure into the world of online learning, Laura and team applied Duarte’s Golden Rule—never deliver an eCourse you wouldn’t want to sit through—and created an award-winning ecourse. She shares her story and how they did it.

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Persuasive Visual Storytelling: Motivate People to Support Your Ideas - Professional, persuasive communication can mean getting your budgets approved, getting active support for your initiatives, and even advancing your position at your company. Experts say that there are at least 35 million presentations delivered worldwide each day—so how can you be sure that yours is one that stands out from the rest and sells your ideas?
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Interviews with Laura

Training Pros: An Interview with Laura Wall Klieves on creating an audience-centric eLearning program EDU: Curriculum - As the daughter of a retired elementary school teacher, Laura’s unrequited love is educating. She watched the joy her dad brought his 4th and 5th grade students by using a variety of tools and immediately saw the possibility of bringing VisualStory™ to the elementary school classroom and partnered with Matt Pavao, Principal of Roosevelt Elementary in Burlingame, California. Both Laura and Matt share a vision to empower kids through persuasive presentations and a private-public partnership that continues today. Matt and Laura spoke at the 2016 Learning Forward Conference in Vancouver, BC, at a seminar entitled Presentation Transformation. The educational program is called Tell and Show. And right now, it’s free to any teacher or administrator around the world.
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