Great Presentations Use Compelling

Sometimes a presentation is better as a handout, read on the audience’s own time. This is particularly true if you need more words to move your audience. ​The slidedoc is the answer if you require the strong visuals of a presentation and a higher word count than a traditional slide, but less than a document.

​By writing full paragraphs, you have room to craft more compelling, persuasive copy. This is imperative since, without a presenter, your copy and visuals are the only thing guiding the audience through the slidedoc. That said, a slidedoc doesn’t have to be boring or ineffectual—here are a few ways to avoid that:

Use emotional appeal

Business copy tends to be cold and factual. But decisions ​are made from the gut before they are rationalized. Incorporate emotive visuals, shocking statistics, and stories that create an emotional response in the reader.

​Make benefits explicit

Before a reader will get on board with what you’re proposing, they need to see what’s in it for them. Make it clear what reward they will receive if they take the risk of aligning with you.

​Cite examples

Show readers examples of times when others in a similar situation made a decision to align with your perspective and had a successful outcome. Case studies and proof help people through their decision process.

Use analogies

People respond when they can identify things as either similar or different from their perspective. Using analogies to compare the similarities and differences aids understanding.

​This type of language helps people rationalize, remember your ideas, and make decisions easier.